School of Dragons: How to Train Your Dragon – Racing Guide

This is a small guide from an experienced racer, giving you some basics on how to get better at Thunder Run Racing.

Guide to Racing


This guide is a simple guide to thunder run racing. Some of you may’ve seen me, but I am going to keep my viking anonymous. I’m going to offer some tips, and suggestions to help you improve with your racing. Now let’s begin.

Racing Armor and Flight Suits

There are various types of armor available with stats displayed next to them in the store. You will need some gems, but several also have alternatives that can be bought with gold that are just as good.

Recommended armor that is readily available would be a combination of Purple/red skrill armor, diamond/blue nadder, and/or rust stormcutter. There are a few seasonal armors that are a bit better, or some you can get from playing dragon tactics in blueprint form. Make sure to check the stats next to the armors to buy the best pieces. The reason I am keeping this a bit vague is because I want people to experiment to find what armor works best for them.

If speed is what you’re looking for, get these armor pieces

  • Bewilderbeast ice crown.
  • Purple/red skrill chestplate.
  • Diamond Nadder Shoulders.
  • Bright Stormcutter boots.

All of those together equals a 15% boost in your racing speed.

Bright stormcutter boots can be obtained in runestone dragon tactic levels as a blueprint.

The ice crown can only be obtained in the bewilderbeast stable.

Pitch rate and turn rate are also important to look into as with your dragon going faster, turns will be wider. This helps sharpen the turning a bit and steepens dives.

Wrist Guards and Pants are what give pitch and turn. Check which ones work best for you.

I must emphasize this, Do NOT have flight suits or outfits visible on your viking when racing. Flight suits and outfits nullify what ever boosts your armor gives you. So, before you go into a lobby, make sure your flight suit or outfit is either invisible, or unequipped if you want the most out of your racing armor.


Most dragons do have potential to be good in racing if one decides to master them. Though if you’re looking for the best ones, here you go.

Any dragon that is 7.5 speed and up with decent turn, and pitch. Practice with multiple dragons to find which one(s) you’re most comfortable with, or race with your favorite(s).

And furies definitely. Many people complain about them, but the fact of the matter is, the furies are the best racing dragons ingame. The night lights are a great alternative to the main furies as well. Expensive, yes, but well worth it. You can earn gems in hourly battle events as long as no seasonal event is happening. (Thawfest, Summarhildr, Dreadfall, Snoggletog). Anytime outside of those events is a great way to earn gems quickly in battles.

Briefly: In order to get the best chance for gold rewards, stay near the recharge zones, and shoot the ships from there. You have unlimited shots as long as you’re within the recharge zone.

Tracks and Shortcuts

Most of the racing maps have shortcuts. They aren’t always visible on the main track, but there are places that shorten time, and give racers a good headway if done correctly.

I will not explain the shortcuts. There are too many to describe. The best way to do it, and many do learn this way (including me), If you’re in a race with an experienced racer, pay attention to where they go. If you can somewhat keep up, and keep them in your sights, you can possibly catch them taking one of these many shortcuts. Another way is to pay attention to the minimap. The one with the dots that mark where racers are on the track. You can also see them take shortcuts that way too. Of course not as well as seeing them actually take it, but you can get an idea of where the shortcut is. Practice those shortcuts when you figure them out.

One last thing, try to take some risks once you think you know the track will enough, and practice practice, practice!

Before you know it, you’ll be racing with us in no time.


I wanted to make this because i see a lot of racers struggling, and.. while I will not point fingers, some are not very nice to us just because they lose. I do hope this small guide helps some of you learn, and helps you improve. Have fun out there, be nice, and I’ll see you on the tracks!

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