Dungeon Drafters – Questions and Answers

A lot of people seem to have a lot of questions, so I’m going to try to answer them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Beginner Questions!

Which character should I choose?

The whichever you like! More specifically, the one you like the visuals of the most. All cards are collectable with all characters, so the most lasting part of this choice is what you look like.

I lost all my money in the tutorial dungeon!

Not a question, but it happens to everyone. I’m unsure if you can reasonably win the tutorial boss fight, but it seems unlikely. Those (very generous) tutorial dungeon rewards are gone now, but you can get 1000 shards for free by heading to the bank and talking to the teller there (the bank is down the stairs and to the right when you exit the cave shrine.)

Which area should I explore first?

Anywhere except The Tower. All five of the other areas have a low-difficulty first floor you can tackle to get used to the dungeon, collect some loot, and then leave. The Tower isn’t like that, it forces you to complete a 5-floor marathon (including a ‘boss’) before you get the opportunity to leave.

I chose the rabbit and now the NPC won’t let me go into a dungeon?

The rabbit character has (as of writing this) an invalid starter deck. This doesn’t cause any problems during the tutorial, but needs to be fixed afterwards. All you have to do is open the deck editor (R), fill the empty rune slot at the top with a brown rune, and add in the other card from your encyclopedia that got removed.


Can I rename my decks?

Nope. Sorry.

Should I purify my corrupt packs?

Personal opinion incoming… No. Don’t do that. The game doesn’t make it abundantly clear, but purifying your packs removes all your Stranger cards. That might not seem like a big deal in the early game when you may not even have any, but once you have a few that you care for you should stop purifying your packs.

Puzzle Rooms

Puzzle Rooms are rooms with extra interactive elements that can be utilised in a specific way to unlock a path to special treasure rooms that contain shards, packs, and beneficial shrines.

The Puzzle Elements are:

Sacrifice Tiles

A grey/green tile on the floor with a knife image on it, all you have to do is make sure something dies while on top of that space. It can be an enemy, or one of your summons if you have any.

Floor Dominoes

One or more grey/green floor tiles with a number of circular pips on them. They want you to end your turn on them in ascending order, the turns don’t have to be consecutive but I’ve yet to confirm if this can be completed out of combat.

Vine Crystals

Exclusive to the west dungeon, these crystals need to be struck/activated on the same turn. Usually two of them, sometimes three. This one can be completed out of combat, the crystals count hitting 0 AP as your turn ending.

Crystal Pylon

Exclusive to the north dungeon, you need to protect the glowing blue pillar from the fireworks cannon that is pointed at it. If combat ends and the pillar is still alive, the puzzle is complete.

Key Goblin

Exclusive to the east dungeon, a yellow goblin holding a key. Just kill him to before he escapes and you’re golden.

Scared Bird

Exclusive to the south dungeon, this guy draws aggro from every enemy in the room and you’ve gotta stop them killing him.

Seed Pods

Exclusive to the central dungeon, these viney seed pod things fly away at the end of combat and you’ve gotta kill them before that happens.


I came across a shrine, should I activate it?

That depends on the shrine itself. There’s a few of ’em, and they all do different things.

Hearth Shrine

Statue of a bird, has a flame icon on the ground. Heals you to full, maybe save it for if you need it.

Tome Shrine

Statue has a book, ground icon is also a book. Puts all of the cards in your grave back into your deck so that you’re not in danger of running out.

Sword Shrine

Statue has a sword, ground icon is a swirl, there are frozen enemies nearby. This one is a combat challenge, once you activate it the enemies will come to life and the chests in the room become openable. Fight it if you’re up for the challenge (The frozen enemies are technically props, so if you have a card like Polymorph you can eliminate them before activating the shrine).

Jar Shrine

Statue of a fairy, usually found in safe rooms. This one explains itself when prompted, but essentially you can give up half your shards to ensure that your card packs (and the other half of your shards) that you’ve already collected aren’t lost if you die.

Quill Shrine

Statue has a quill, quill icon on the ground, in the first room of a floor. This is a save statue, I recommend using them in case something buggy happens.

Rope Shrine

Statue has a rope, rope icon on the ground, found exclusively(?) in treasure rooms that have fishing spots. I don’t actually know what this one does. I assume it affects your fishing line in some way.

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