Against the Storm – How Soon Do You Turn In Your Order?

How Soon Do You Turn In…

I usually follow the following rules:

  • 1) Production bonus rewards – immediately. No point in delaying. The minimal hostility hit is never worth missing out on +1 fabric/berries/clay/etc.
  • 2) People rewards – at the end of storm season only. Don’t take people into the storm, it’s just gonna get you killed.
  • 3) Anything else – usually after the storm, but sometimes immediately if I can use the reward. Amber for instance, if a trader is coming.
  • 4) If I hit a blueprint early game, again usually immediately. Finding a good blueprint can really shake things up. Like if I go from making complex food in a field kitchen to a butcher, that’s a big gain, I’d hate to delay that 6-8 minutes just to get it better lined up with a storm.

If I complete with 2 minutes left to a storm or during, I almost never turn in (again, except production rewards).

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