Weed Shop 3 – Auto Smoke Joints/Bongs on Steam Deck

How to make is so you don’t have to hold down the button every time you trying to light up!

How to Make Auto Smoke Joints/Bongs

How to Setup Controls

For me I have this feature set up on one of the back buttons on the steam deck. If you try to set up the controls to just hold the right trigger down it wont work.

To do this set one of the back buttons to work as the right trigger.

Click on the gear to access the options and change it from a Regular Press to a Long Press (Actually on second thought you might be able to leave this as regular press just do everything else I said. I just have some other stuff on my back buttons. So my back button has two features. That’s why i have it as long press).

You are almost done but this last part took me a while to figure out. I thought just that would work but it does not.

Now go to settings right below the button press options.

Scroll all the way down you should see an option that says “Toggle” turn that on.

Now it should be working but there is a few things you should know about how the feature works.

This toggles the right trigger and holds it down but you have to hold the button down (if you it set as a long press) for a second for it activate. It will hold down your trigger so you don’t have to hold the button but you will need to untoggle it to click on other things.

So pull up a joint or bong normally then once your ready to light activate the toggle. Once you are done smoking you will want to untoggle because you are essentially still holding down the trigger. You’ll see you wont be able to talk to people or do some things because you have to press the trigger again.

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