Uplink – How to Run on Steam Deck (with Issues and Fixes)

How to Fix Game not Starting

Game was working fine a while ago, but things are evolving, and now it could be tricky to run it now.

If your game are not starting, you can try the following: just move everything from lib64 folder somewhere else, and try to run the game. If its complaining about missing library, first try to install it from your distro, and only if there are no such library there — copy it back from saved location. For debian its just libmikmod.so.2* and libtiff.so.3*, everything else could be installed from the distro. That way the game will run.

General Tips

  • You pretty much need an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse to play this game.
  • Game does not like secondary monitor on Steam Deck.
  • Use desktop mode or may not be able to close the game. Also use desktop mode to apply some settings not available in gaming mode.
  • Set your external display of choice as primary display so game will be on external display.
  • Disable the internal display or everything gets really sad and off-screen.
  • Use these launch options, input your own screen resolution by replacing numbers.
!graphics_screenwidth 1024 !graphics_screenheight 768
  • You may still need to set screen resolution in game to correct value. Don’t use too high resolution or buttons will be way too tiny. 720p is the maximum recommended by me.
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