Beyond Good & Evil – Steam Deck Guide

How to quickly run the game on Steam Deck.

Guide to Run the Game on Steam Deck

  • Install the game from Steam
  • Open Desktop Mode
  • Attempt to to run the game
  • Exit by Holding STEAM + B
  • Now that the registry files have been properly updated
  • Open the following file with text editor:
  • Use the Find/search function to locate this sentence:
  • Remove the duplicated “\Wow6432Node” Leaving this string instead:
  • Save changes.
  • Open the following other file with text editor:
  • Find a line containing “Mode”. There’s several, even one just named Mode=dword:000xxx Below any, add a new line with following content:
  • This will fix the resolution.
  • Save changes. Return to Gaming mode
  • Run Game Settings (that now should be working) and perform these changes:
    • Change Refresh Rate to 60 Hz.
    • Change Resolution to 1280 x 800.
    • On other tabs you can also Select Language and change some performance options.
    • Make sure that Antialising is turned OFF (could be responsible for glitchy graphics during gameplay).
    • Feel free to turn the slider settings except AA to the max. On the checkboxes right you have compatibility changing options which are recommended to not be touched manually.

Game should now work on deck without any further adjustments, but we have no controls, so before firing it up, let’s set those up.

You might see slight graphical glitches in a few select cutscenes, when ui elements dont move out of the way for the cutscene. This is super minor, and normal even on Windows.

Setting the Controls

Remember, this version does not have controller support but fret not, its a two second fix, thanks to the Steam Input Community Features.

  • Open the Control Layout.
  • Change it and browse to the Community Layout tab.
  • You are Looking for BGE but LOOK to the left for the Icons. You want the one with an icon of the STEAM DECK, not a controller or Steam Controller.
  • Take a moment to familiarize with the controls as they have detailed descriptions. They might seem weird but I swear they make perfect sense after a few minutes.

Fire up the game. Enjoy!

Remember: No Cloud Saves

Final word: Remember this game does not have cloud saves on steam. You will not be able to continue on another system without backing the saves manually.

On deck this can be done by setting up a directory to autosync with Syncthing.

The savefiles will be here



Steam Deck

<Steam-folder>/steamapps/compatdata/15130/pfx/ (look for sally and slot files)

According to PCGW, sally.idx contains an index of save game names which will not be shown if it is missing but saves can still be loaded.

Have fun!

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