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If you’re like me, the first 20 minutes of your adventure in this game was a struggle because the game doesn’t tell you how to play. So here are the controls (for gamepad).


Hi, I’m Dave. First time I played this game, 2 years ago, it took me 26 minutes to figure out the basic controls. Maybe I’m just an idiot, or maybe the devs just FORGOT to add a guide that shows you what the controls are. The launcher has a “Input” tab where you can manually check and change the controls… but the labels don’t tell you what the button is supposed to do, and in most cases there it doesn’t even tell you what button or key it actually corresponds to. So don’t try messing with that, it will only end in tears.

Then I hit a point in the game, less than 1/3 of the way into the story, where I was out of HP potions, and money doesn’t drop often enough to buy more, and enemies always do more damage than the HP potions they drop can recover… so every two steps I get into a random encounter battle and DIE. So I did what any sane person would do. I quit the game. Just put it down for 2 years.

Now I found a “cheat trainer” by MrAntiFun (look it up online if you need it, just google search for “MrAntiFun Zenith Trainer”) so I have godmode and infinite money. Can finally get farther than 1/3 of the way into the game and see where the goofy story goes!

Started playing again, with cheats this time… but it’s been 2 years and I forgot the controls again. Dammit! Another 25 minutes of fu—ng around on my keyboard with mixed results, then I finally remembered this game is better on gamepad anyway. Picked up my controller and spent ANOTHER 20 minutes trying to figure things out. Then I remembered that you need to finish the first couple of tutorial fights before all the controls are unlocked!!! How dumb do I feel now, having wasted 45 minutes trying to read that first SIGN on the side of the road after the elves got jumped by singing spiders? Very dumb actually.

With that experience in mind, I’m leaving you all a bit better off by posting a list of controls for you to refer to if you need it. Don’t be like me. Learn the controls before you fight your first battle or get stuck trying to read a road sign.

Piece Of Advice:

Gamepad controls feel less clunky to use… but they forgot to map the magic shield onto a controller button! It only exists as “Left Shift” on your keyboard. That sucks. I tried using a third-party key-mapper app to fix it by binding L-Shift onto my L3 button but the game didn’t recognize the new hotkey.

AND if you are using a controller and then you open the inventory screen, your mouse cursor will try to fight your L-Stick cursor for dominance and you’ll get some wonkiness happening.

Compared to on keyboard they forgot to map the key that displays nametags for all the loot on the ground and shows you your current quest objective… which also sucks but is less suckage than the problems with using a gamepad.

So it is actually easier to play this game if you UNPLUG your gamepad first, and just use the keyboard/mouse controls. But hey, you do what makes you happy.

XBox 360 Controller List

Because they forgot to map the “magic shield” onto a gamepad button, and the inventory/shop menus get a little wonky if you have a gamepad active while a mouse is still plugged in, I don’t recommend playing this game on a controller. But here are the controls anyway in case you’re weird like that.

Action Controls – While Walking Around Or Fighting

  • X – magic gem power (if one is equipped)
  • Y – scroll magic (if one is equipped)
  • B – dodge-roll
  • A – attack with your equipped weapon (glove, sword, etc.)
  • L1 – show labels for loot on the ground AND current quest objectives
  • R1 – “Interact” (talk to people, read signs, pickup loot)
  • L-stick – move your body. Yeah, yeah. Rock your body. Yeah, yeah.
  • D-pad – use the items assigned to the D-pad slots (i.e. potions)
  • “Start” (Home) – in-game menu (Abilities, Main Menu, Inventory)

There is No Button for the magic shield, they forgot to map it onto gamepad.

Menu Controls – While In Your Backpack Or Shopping

The item in top left corner of your backpack will usually not be droppable and won’t show it’s description or stats. This is due to a conflict in the game’s code between the mouse cursor and the gamepad cursor. There is no fix for this.

Also, the mouse cursor usually turns invisible but is STILL ACTIVE while you use gamepad in menu screens. If you notice one of your inventory slots is not selectable, it is because the mouse cursor is interfering in the background.

Only one cursor (mouse or L-stick) can be visible and moved at any one time. So you should use mouse and keyboard if you’re in the menu screens. But in case you STILL want to use gamepad, here you go:

  • L-stick – move the cursor
  • Y – drop item on the ground
  • D-Pad – assign consumable item (i.e. potions) to the D-Pad slots
  • A – equip/unequip or eat the item.
  • B – close the menu.
  • “Start” (Home) – close the menu

Keyboard / Mouse

Combat Or Exploration Controls

  • WASD / Arrows – Move your body. Yeah yeah. Rock your body now.
  • Space – dodge-roll, in conversations it skips to the next page
  • LShift – Magic shield (drains MP)
  • 1-4 – use items in slots 1-4
  • E – interact (with corpses, people, signs, chests, loot pickups, etc.) or confirm conversation selection
  • ESC/; – open player menu (Abilities, Main Menu, Equipment)
  • L-click – attack with equipped weapon (glove, sword, etc.)
  • R-click – use equipped gem power
  • Middle-click – use equipped scroll spell

They forgot to map the button to display your quest objective and labels on any loot on the ground nearby. But at least this is MUCH LESS of an issue than having no shield on controller mode.

Inventory Or Shop Screen Controls

  • L – drop item on the ground
  • / – equip or use item
  • L-click – equip or use item, buy or sell in the shop menu
  • R-click – equip or use item, buy or sell in the shop menu
  • Middle-click – equip or use item, buy or sell in the shop menu
  • ESC/; – close the menu
  • ENTER – accept/use/confirm
  • 1-4 – equip a potion on slots 1-4
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