Sovereign Syndicate – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the game releasing?

January 15th, 2024

What platforms are you releasing on?

PC initially, hope to release on PlayStation and Xbox at a later date.

What storefronts will you be on?

Steam for sure, talking with some others but nothing confirmed.

What languages will be available on release?

English only at release, if the game sells well we’ll use some of the revenue to fund other localizations.

Will there be voiceover?

Not at launch, hoping to do this as part of a definitive edition some day if the game sells well.

How long is the finished game?

Core content / critical path is 8-10 hours, 20 hours or so if you do all the side quest content, and there is some replayability to see different decision outcomes and endings.

How much will you sell the game for?

$19.99 USD with standard Steam regional discounts and a 10% launch discount.

Does the game work on Steam Deck?


Does the game have controller support?


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