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Tips & Tricks to Make Your Gameplay 90% Easier


  • As mentioned by some players and confirmed, there is a drastic difference playing this game in 120 FPS vs in 60 FPS. Try to make it to 60 FPS and its way way doable and bearable.
  • You’d really need to play this game for a few runs to get used to it as this game relies on your reflex / reaction ultimately. Once you get used to where you should aim when the block is falling in a particular position, you will be ready to do the cheese~

Explanation of the cheese

  • Okay. The cheese works like this: if you can somehow use the bullet to ‘kill’ 2 shapes at once, you will gain an extra bullet. It depends on luck as it depends on the placement of the blocks.
  • The Level for me to gain bullets was from Level 3 onwards and if you manage to get 4-5 bullets that is a good run and will ultimately aid you in cheesing this game easily~

Practical Step to cheese

  • The cheese requires the use of autoclicker, set it to 100m/s. It only works if you have extra bullets, if you only have the default 2, its not really possible to pull it off.
  • With the extra bullets, you will be spraying them and it is almost a fail-safe run. And you’ll just gain more and more bullets as you go, lololol

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