Viscera Cleanup Detail – Master of the Beats Achievement Guide

A guide to turning off a loud-ass-hell Banger in zero gravity.

How to Obtain Master of the Beats Achievement


Grab the radio and set it anywhere without it moving at all

  • Having the Banger move at all is more detrimental than it may sound.

Raise the Banger volume, master volume and music volume all to max

  • For the achievement to count, the Banger has to be as loud as possible.

Change the track to #4 (The Zoologists – Monkey Fire)

  • The Banger shakes to the beat of the song, the 4th track has the longest startup giving you enough time to complete it.


  • In case you miss it the first time, so you don’t have to restart everything.

Press play then immediately press stop, if you miss it then reload the save file instead of restarting all the steps.

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