STAR WARS Empire at War – Fleets in Thrawn’s Revenge

This is a guide about fleet compositition in TR. Disclamer: This guide is for the new republic.


This section will be brief but starfighters are very limited in direct control in TR but they can be a very major factor in a battle, if used properly they can destroy entire ISD’s singlehandedly. Use fighters as more defense ships but when paired with bombers or in massed attacks they can do some damage. Use bombers aggressively but protect them with fighters to get extra damage in and to destroy interceptors, bombers can do massive damage if they get through to capital ships.

  • Strengths: Good defense and offense, they are almost always massed in a fleet, you dont have to pay for them.
  • Weaknesses: They can very easily countered with corvettes and smaller frigates.


Corvettes are the driving factor of any fleet, they can easily defend against even massed starfighter attacks but they start to struggle when facing anything larger. Use corvettes defensively as they are very vunerable, i like to put corvettes in front to defend an attack by the enemy as the starfighters usually a rrive before the rest of the enemy fleet but i like to pull them back when the frigates and cruisers start to open fire.

  • Strengths: Very good at destroying starfighters, Very fast, Mass producable.
  • Weaknesses: Very vunerable to anything larger, have to retreat and cant do their jobs correctly in the middle of battle.

Light Frigates

Light frigates take the same role as the corvette but are less squishy and are able to deal some damage to enemy ships. Light frigates are less mass producable than corvettes but can hold their own against some smalller ships while still being capable anti-starfighter ships, they are used behing corvettes or inbetween them but they retreat later after corvettes.

  • Strengths: They can take some damage and can retalliate lightly while being a capable AS ship, They are somewhat mass producable.
  • Weaknesses: They are still pretty vunerable and thay are very weak to cruisers, They need to be supported when acted in AS.


Regular frigates can be used for supporting larger ships and for shielding smaller ships but cant be used as a frontline ship against a meaningful enemy but they can be used as a frontline ship in early game and against small fleets. They are very versatile but are not the most sturdy of ships so use them wisely. Use regular frigates as support ships mid game to early late game but use them as frontline ships early game until you can afford Heavy Frigates and cruisers.

  • Strengths: they have high usability most of the game, they have great potential.
  • Weaknesses: They are just too weak to be targeted, they have limited firepower.

Heavy Frigates

Heavy frigates are very strong but they are still used as escort ships in the later game as they dont have the required health and weapons to brawl late game fleets. They can be used as frontline ships till about mid-mid game but should be used as escort ships any later as they cant withstand the pressure of enemy fleets.

  • Strengths: They can be used for a while as frontline ships and can have lots of use after.
  • Weaknesses: they are slow and dont have goood defences against starfighters.


Last but not least we have cruisers, the backbone of and fleet and the tip of the spear for an attack. They usually have lots of turbolasers but cant stand against fighters alone. Cruisers are best used for assulting an enemy fleet head-on but they can crumble easily if facing starfighters so protect them.

  • Strengths: They are super powerful and can spearhead any attack.
  • Weaknesses: They are vunerable to starfighters and need to be defended well.
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