VALKYRIE CONNECT – General Connect Battle Tips

A guide for helping prepare to fight higher level CB.


This guide started as a guide for each CB, but there are 40 of those, and trying to sort the guide got out of hand.

The guide then morphed into a general guide for CB in general.

The Rules of CBs

  • 1) You will fight with a team of 1-5 heroes against 1 foe, with 0-4 crystals guarding them
  • 2) You will fight them alone (Solo) or with up to 2 other players and their teams (Multi)
  • 3) All CB except Skirnir and Magni involve Crystals. All Crystals count as Beast race foes.
  • 4) Almost all CB are fought under 1 or more Field effects
  • 5) Your hero choice matters
  • 6) Your gear matters
  • 7) Each CB is fought with a 5 minute time limit
  • 8) Each boss with have 1-3 health bars to fight through, with the Crystal Support respawning each health bar


Most CB are fought under one or more of a series of effects known as “Fields”

All fields fall under one of two categories:

  • Field
  • Elemental Field

There are 4 Fields

  • Eclipse Field
  • Gravity Field
  • Mist Field
  • Void Field

There are 10 Elemental Fields

  • Flame Field
  • Aqua Field
  • Leaf Field
  • Holy Field
  • Chaos Field
  • High Flame Field
  • High Aqua Field
  • High Leaf Field
  • High Holy Field
  • High Chaos Field


Each Field puts your whole team under a debuff. Each Elemental Field causes your team to take elemental damage each turn.

  • Most Hero resist one field.
  • Some Heroes resist two fields.
  • Some Heroes do not resist any field.
  • If your hero resists a Field, they are resistant or immune to the Debuff, depending on the strength of the skill (Which can be increased as your orb level increases).
  • If your hero does not resist a Field, they are stuck with the Debuff for the entire battle.

Eclipse Field

  • Healing on affected heroes is reduced to 10%
  • Effectiveness and stat buffs are nullified.
  • Constant stat buffs are unaffected by this effect.

Gravity Field

  • Affected heroes behave as if they are Slowed
  • Action speed is cut in half
  • Action skill gauge fills slower.

Mist Field

  • Affected heroes have a significant chance to miss basic attacks and gear skills.
  • Action skills and Limit bursts are unaffected.

Void Field

  • Affected heroes’ attacks will have their elemental attributes removed.
  • Does not affect limit bursts.

Eclipse Field Fights:

  • 8* Boelthor Strikes!
  • 8* Hrungnir Strikes!
  • 8* Loewe Strikes!
  • 8* Marmalade Strikes!
  • 8* Sleipnir Strikes!
  • 8* Surtr Strikes!
  • S1-2 Angrboda Strikes!
  • S1-2 Ofnir Strikes!
  • S3-4 Ragnarok Annihilates!

Gravity Field Fights

  • 8* Aegir Strikes!
  • 8* Fafnir Strikes!
  • 8* Jormungand Strikes!
  • 8* Heidrun Strikes!
  • 8* Sinmara Strikes!
  • S1-2 Bestla Strikes!
  • S1-2 Ymir Strikes!
  • S3-4 Ragnarok Annihilates!
  • S3-4 Ultima Annihilates!
  • S3-4 Walpurgis Annihilates!

Mist Field Fights

  • 8* Demolisha Strikes!
  • 8* Don Pinguino Strikes!
  • 8* Fenrir Strikes!
  • 8* Fubuki Strikes!
  • 8* Hraesvelgr Strikes!
  • 8* Medjed Strikes!
  • 8* Nidhogg Strikes!
  • 8* Thiazi Strikes!
  • 8* Vidofnir Strikes!
  • S1-2 Mimir Strikes!
  • S3-4 Utgardar Annihilates!

Void Field Fights

  • 8* Xiang Tong Strikes!
  • 8* Yatsude Strikes!
  • S3-4 Nerthus Annihilates!
  • S3-4 Ultima Annhilates!

Fights with no Field

  • Rite of Fire
  • Rite of Water
  • Rite of Earth
  • Rite of Light
  • Rite of Dark
  • Neviria Strikes!
  • Prastos Strikes!
  • Magni Decimates!
  • Skirnir Decimates!
  • All 1-7* fights


Elemental Fields

Elemental Fields are resisted with Gear that you earn in 7-8* fights. 7* Fights give you Field Rings, which resist Elemental Fields. 8* Fights give you High Field Rings which resist Elemental and High Elemental Fields.

  • Flame Field does Fire Damage
  • Aqua Field does Water Damage
  • Leaf Field does Earth Damage
  • Holy Field does Light Damage
  • Chaos Field does Dark Damage

High Fields do more damage of the same element

  • All 7* CB use a Field of the boss’s element
  • All 8* CB use a High Field of the boss’s element
  • All S1 CB use a Field of the boss’s element
  • All S2 or higher CB use a High Field of the boss’s element
  • Nyt Rings can be equipped by Aesir and Human
  • Sinir Rings can be equipped by Elf, Dwarf, and Therian
  • Sylgr Rings can be equipped by Jotun and Beast

Skill Level 5 Field Rings resist Field of their element by 100%, and their High Field by 45%

Skill Level 5 High Field Rings resist Field and High Field of their Element by 100%

Note: It can be worthwhile to not upgrade a Field/High Field ring to Skill Level 5, so that you still take SOME damage from the Field, thus boosting your skill gauge (which rises each time you take damage) but not taking as much damage. The amount of damage does not change the boost to the Skill Gauge, simply whether or not you took damage.

Skll Level 4 High Field Rings resist High Field by 80% and Field by 90% of their element.

  • Nyt Flame Rings are earned by fighting Aegir and Don Penguino in CB
  • Nyt Aqua Rings are earned by fighting Fafnir
  • Nyt Leaf Rings are earned by fighting Sinmara or Prastos
  • Nyt Holy Rings are earned by fighting Boelthor
  • Nyt Chaos Rings are earned by fighting Sleipnir
  • Sinir Flame Rings are earned by fighting Fenrir or Fubuki
  • Sinir Aqua Rings are earned by fighting Hrungnir or Loewe
  • Sinir Leaf Rings are earned by fighting Surtr
  • Sinir Holy Rings are earned by fighting Nidhogg or Yatsude
  • Sinir Chaos Rings are earned by fighting Jormungand or Medjed
  • Sylgr Flame Rings are earned by fighting Marmalade
  • Sylgr Aqua Rings are earned by fighting Thiazi or Xiang Tong
  • Sylgr Leaf Rings are earned by fighting Vidofnir or Demolisha
  • Sylgr Holy Rings are earned by fighting Heidrun or Neviria
  • Sylgr Chaos Rings are earned by fighting Hraesvelgr
  • Fleld Rings are earned fighting the boss at 7*
  • High Field Rings are earned by fighting the same bosses at the 8*


All gear comes in 3 categories (4 counting costumes)

  • Equipment (Weapons and Armor)
  • Accessories
  • Artifacts
  • (And Costumes)

You can have up to 4 Equipment, 4 Accessories, and 1 Artifact equipped.

Costumes can be placed as Equipment and/or in a slot unique to them. If placed in an Equipment slot, Costumes count as Equipment. If places in a Costume slot, they alter the appearance of your Hero, but have no other effect. The same Costume item can be placed in both an Equipment slot and the Costume slot.


Equipment has two effects. A passive stat bonus, and a Skill. The passive stat bonus is based on the item’s Level. The Skill is based on the item’s Skill Level.

A Lv.50, Shining Soleil gives a passive bonus of 795 to ATK and 395 to ACC. A Skill Lv. 5 Shining Soleil has a 60% chance to strike the 3 nearest enemies for 130% of your hero’s ATK stat each, doing Light Element damage.

The chance for a hero to to use an Equipment’s Use Effect, rather than performing a basic attack, is based on the item’s Skill Level. A higher Skill level means a stronger Skill, and a higher chance to perform the Skill.

All passive bonuses are cumulative.

Weapons tend to cause damage. Armor tends to buff your team or debuff the enemy.

Buffs and Debuffs matter. Bringing weapons that hit the bosses or crystals’ weaknesses matter.


Accessories, like Equipment, have two effects. A passive stat bonus, and a passive Skill.

The stat bonus works exactly like Equipment. The Skill works almost exactly like Equipment, but is purely passive.

All passive stats are fully cumulative. All percentile based Skills are cumulative up to 50%. All other Skill effects do exactly what they say (Some provide benefits such as Haste for a limited time at the start of battle, some provide Barriers).


  • Bangle of Strength
  • Bangle of Wisdom
  • Bangle of Defense
  • Bangle of Faith
  • Dragon Band

These 5 items form the basic and first level for accessories. Bangle of Strength for ATK based Heroes. Bangle of Wisdom for MATK based Heroes.

Bangle of Defense for fights against ATK based foes. Bangle of Wisdom for fights against MATK based foes.

Dragon Band for all Mages and Rangers on your team.

All 4 Bangles are bought from the Connect Trader for Connect Tokens, earned from Connect Battles.

There are stronger items for each category, but such are judged as such by comparing them directly to these 5 Accessories.

For many many many fights, 2 Bangles, Dragon Band, and a Field Ring will be your default Accessory list.


Artifacts are earned through Raids.

Artifacts function exactly like Accessories, but due to counting as a separate item class, stack separately (IE: Accessories cap at 50% bonus, Artifacts are a separate cap).

What type of Artifact you can equip depends on the Hero’s Race and Row (Melee, Mage, Ranger).

All bonuses are cumulative with eachother.

This screenshotted Raging Flame Sword will let the user do 9% more damage to Beasts, 11% more to Airborne foes, and 20% more to Airborne Beasts.

Each percentile bonus in those 4 slots is rolled at random (these two bonuses go up to 10% each slot) each level you improve the Artifact.

Which bonuses each artifact can gain are decided by the raid you gain the artifact from.

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