Ultimate Custom Night – How to Beat 50/20 Mode

This will show the strategy and most common way of beating 50/20 mode.

Guide to Beat 50/20 Mode

Start of the Night

Right when you start the night, turn off the fan and turn on the power generator.

Flip up the monitor and place the audio lure at the very left. After that, go to Cam 8, and close off Mr. Huggs. Then flip the monitor back down (You can close the left vent snare if you want).

Faz Token Grinder

To grind faz tokens, flip the monitor up and down and close the right vent. Or click helpy if you can. Repeat this until you get 10 faz tokens. If Nightmarrione is not guarding the wet floor sign, move it to the right side of the room so Rockstar Chica won’t get you.

10 Faz Tokens

After getting 10 faz tokens, flip the monitor up and close off Mr. Huggs if he moved. Then go to the prize counter and buy the death coin. Then go to cam 6 and flip down the monitor for 2 seconds and death coin Ft. Foxy. Wait on cam 6 until plushtrap leaves then go to cam 2. (You need to wait until after 26 seconds to death coin Ft. Foxy so Withered Bonnie can’t spawn.


If foxy is on your desk, wait about 7-9 seconds then close the top and left doors and flip the cams up and down. (To save time, reset the ventilation system while in that process.) If Bonnie is on the desk you are good.

Puppet, Lefty, Chica, and Music Man

Every 10s turn the global music box on for 10s and then turn the fan and power generator back on for another 10s. This is so these characters can’t kill you (Unless Chica just physically hates you).


Before resetting the ventilation, turn the heater on for a few seconds then flip up the monitor. This prevents the duct animatronics from killing you (Do the same when buying the death coin and using it).

Nightmare Chica

All you do is hit 4 on your keyboard to turn on the A/C and the jaws will go up (Wait a bit then do it to cool off the office).

Quick Tips

These are tips that should help you have a better run.

El chips ads appear every 10s so hit enter every 10s (Never hit skip).

You can turn off visual effects so Funtime Chica won’t make wavy effects (Also helps lag).

Constantly tap z to get rid of Phantom Freddy so you can save power.

Make sure to close the right vent every time you do a camera flip so JJ or BB can’t get in (Keep your hand away from z from all times until you need to flash Nightmare BB or Phantom Freddy).

If Rockstar Bonnie spawns check to see if it’s in Toy Freddy, Funtime Foxy, or Right hallway camera for the guitar. If it’s in the Left Hallway or a cam you are not going on restart (Only get it when you are on or about to go to that camera).

Do not restart the ventilation at the end or you can risk getting killed by Foxy, Chica, or Toy Freddy.

I should have said this earlier but make sure not to turn on the fan at the 10s mark leave it off until 20s.

Dawko said you can use your feet for enter and c to get rid of el chip and omc easily.

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