Spirit Of The Island – Guide to Islands

Boar Mountain Island

  • Enemies: Lower regions: Some wild boars, lots of crabs, bees. Beginner.
  • On the mountain: mountain troll (medium difficulty) and elite troll (a bit more)
  • Monster Loot: fur, fat, map pieces, crab claws and shells ; dark troll leather and green troll leather
  • Interesting Flora: lots of pine trees, palm trees, orange mushrooms

Golden Swamp Island

  • Enemies: Circa 4 green (swamp) trolls. Medium
  • Monster Loot: fine troll leather
  • Interesting Flora: Swampy décor. Cherries and apples.

Sharp Cliffs Island

  • Enemies: Some crabs. Bees. Beginner.
  • Monster Loot: map pieces, crab claws and shells, fat
  • Notable Flora: Pine and apple trees, palm trees, banana trees, red mushrooms, cherries, flowers

Forever Ruins Island

  • Enemies: Outside: Bees, zombies (easy, medium). Ancient cave with 3 poisonous spiders (medium) and one ancient spider (tough) if you don’t back out in time.
  • Monster Loot: Infected bones, gold, spider silk, jelly, treasure
  • Interesting Flora: all kinds of fruit trees, pine, flowers, cherries

Golem Eye Island

  • Enemies: Sailors/pirates: medium
  • Labyrinthine/ difficult access to higher parts (It’s south-east):
  • Pirate prince: tough
  • Monster Loot: gold, wine, tea infusion, sweet juice.
  • Pirate prince: Book of Nature, 3 rubies
  • Interesting Flora: apples, cherries, purple mushrooms, oranges, bananas

Grey Rocks Island

  • Enemies: Sailors/pirates: medium. Cave with ghosts. Medium to tough.
  • Monster Loot: Gold, wine, sweet juice, tea, ancient leather
  • Interesting Flora: nothing special
  • Plus: There’s a tent you can use to sleep

Sand Cliffs Island

  • Enemies: crabs (beginner); one snake ghost on top of the hill (medium)
  • Monster Loot: crab claws and shells , ghost dust
  • Flora: palm trees, cherries

Green Valley Island

  • Enemies: Wild boars (beginner)
  • Monster Loot: Fur, fat, map pieces
  • Interesting Flora: Nothing much. Pine trees, cherry bushes
  • Maybe plus: I’ve seen tents, but wasn’t able to use them

Good Old Flies

  • Enemies: Sailors/ pirates (tough), two elite trolls (tough)
  • Monster Loot: Gold, sweet juice, tea; green troll leather, treasure
  • Interesting Flora: Very few trees, some bushes
  • Plus: Lots of loot boxes

Wood Alley Island

  • Enemies: Sailors/ pirates (tough);
  • Pirate Queen (very tough)
  • Monster Loot: Gold, tea, sweet juice, Book of History
  • Interesting Flora: None. Some shipwrecks
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