Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts – Tips to Play as Japan

Useful tips for playing as Japan in the Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts game.

How to Play as Japan

  1. Start game as Japan in 1890. Don’t build any ships on game start. Set crew pool to 0% and tech/transport sliders to 100%.
  2. Research some technology for 10 years and don’t build any ships. If you get some trade partners you could design something that isn’t too terrible like a torpedo boat and make them if you want. Don’t use the politics tab unless someone is starting to go heavy negative.
  3. After 10 years build some BB or LC depending on whichever tech lines up first. Build up to like 20 LC and 10-15 BB. Make sure you have plenty of tonnage for invasion power.
  4. While you are building either your LC/BB turn naval spending up to 51% and start using the politics tab to get china to about 70% and hold there until the fleet is built.
  5. Declare war on china. Fight them and blow up their good ships then Naval Invade : NE China and E china. After that you can let land battles play out and invade some other areas or you can end the war.
  6. Go to war with Spain and take East/West Philippines (these will discover oil). You may or may not need more ships depending on how Spain does with the USA. Do not bother taking anything else.
  7. Build up a lot of ships and then go after ENG. The main target is SIngapore and Brunei. If you really want to dig in deep you can go for East/West India (but you can also “earn” those by doing well in the fighting.
  8. Why are we going for these places? Oil. If you ever get entangled with Russia you can liberate Vladivostok.
  9. One reason not to take minor islands that never get oil is that if the enemy owns it you get “free transport raiding” in that zone and it’s +1 area they have to defend.
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