Ascension – Expansions Combination Guide

Too many expansions or sets? Do not know which combination of sets to choose? Look no further!

Guide to Expansions Combination

List of Expansion

  • 0.[CotG] Chronicle of the Godslayer : The basic game
  • 1.[RotF] Return of the Fallen
  • 2.[SoS] Storm of Souls
  • 3.[IH] Immortal Heroes
  • 4.[RoV] Rise of Vigil
  • 5.[DU] Darkness Unleashed
  • 6.[RU] Realms Unraveled
  • 7.[DoC] Dawn of Champions
  • 8.[DS] Dreamscape
  • 9.[WoS] War of Shadows
  • 10.[GotE] Gift of the Elements
  • 11.[VotA] Valley of Ancients
  • 12.[DLRM] Delirium
  • 13.[DLV] Deliverance

Every expansion above can be played alone without the basic game, by design.

Since some sets share same mechanics, there are some combinations, which work together.


  • 0+1: CotG + RotF: Chronicles of the Godslayer & Return of the Fallen
  • 2+3: SoS + IH: Storm of Souls & Immortal Heroes – for the Event cards
  • 4+5: RoV + DU: Rise of Vigil & Darkness Unleashed – for Treasure and Transform
  • 6+7: RU + DoC: Realms Unraveled & Dawn of Champions – for multi-facition heros, constructs, and synergies between them
  • 8+12+13: DS + DLRM + DLV: Dreamscape & Delirium & Deliverance [No Recommended for Balance] – for Insight Mechanic

Note: Gift of the Elements (10)[GotE], can play well with many sets. You can try it out yourself.

Combination Rated

  • Good: 2+3; 8; 0+1
  • Mid: 12; 13; 9; 11
  • Bad: 4+5; 10; 6; 7: 6+7

Combination Progress for Newbie

  • Newbie: 0+1->2+3->8
  • Veteran: 12->13->9->11

Player Numbers

  • 2 Player: Recommended.
  • 3 Players: Highly Recommended.
  • 4 and more: Not Recommended.
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