The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution – Useful Tips and Tricks

Need some tips? Here is your guide!

Tips and Tricks

Your Main Things

First of all you want to stay slow paced when you start, scavenge in the following, the shallows, the ward, via corolla, bastion.

But the main weapons you want to use are:

  1. Night shift.
  2. FS92M/M9.
  3. Katana/grass clipper.


  • Sterile bandage.
  • Herbal medicine.
  • Nutria stew.

There are 2 different kinds of guns, assault and walker:

  • 45 revolver/9mm handgun.
  • Lever action/ar416.
  • Double barrel/nova.

This is the big tip this will change your playthrough

  • Dont fight walker/armoured walker/humans/armoured humans inless you have too.
  • You dont need to use ammo/melee/stamina on walker that dosent see you, also dont melee sick walkers.
  • Dont fight shotgunners, you wont win, unless you got the drop on them/have a pump action.

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