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Welcome to the Above Snakes frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What platform will Above Snakes launch on?

  • Above Snakes will launch for Windows PC.

Are there plans for porting the game on console?

  • Yes, we will port Above Snakes to Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Playstation 5. We can not confirm any dates yet since that is something we will start working on in the future.

Are there plans for porting the game to Mac / Linux?

  • There are currently no plans for Mac or Linux ports. If we see that demand for those rises, we will consider it.

Is a multiplayer mode something you might consider implementing?

  • As much as we love this idea, we need to keep the scope realistic and focus on delivering a beautifully crafted single player experience first. There are currently no plans for a multiplayer mode.

How many world pieces are there in the game?

  • There are more than 100 unique world pieces in the game, most of them also contain randomization.

Can we customize Aiyana or even play as a male character?

  • Since the story of Above Snakes is written around a very specific female character, Aiyana, there are no plans for body customization. However, clothing and gear customization are supported, to change the appearance and performance of the character.

Will the game be translated into more languages in the future, on top of the planned ones?

  • Yes, that is possible. If the demand for a certain language is high enough, we will consider adding it.

How can you assure to respectfully represent a partly Native-inspire protagonist?

  • Even though certain elements of Above Snakes are clearly inspired by Native American cultures, the game is fictional and does not try to be historically accurate. We do not try to represent specific Native American nations. We do think that it is extremely important to portray cultures respectfully. We explain some of our design choices and how we consulted with Native Americans in this video:

Are you working with people of Native American descent?

  • Yes, oftentimes! We recently worked with members that we found via a Native American Gaming community on an update of the cover artwork and the in-game clothing..

Where are the snakes?

  • “Above snakes” is an Old Western saying meaning being above ground or being alive. Since Above Snakes is a survival game, we found this as a name very fitting (and we like how unusual it is).

Can I upload content to Youtube, Twitch, etc.?

  • Yes. If you tag us on the respective platform or on twitter, chances are that we hop onto the stream or watch it!

Could my video be copyright-claimed if I keep the in-game music turned on?

  • No, we own the full rights to the music. Every piece of music you hear in-game is specifically composed for Above Snakes by the composer Tyler Zane.


How is the Prologue different from the full game?

  • Above Snakes: Prologue is the beginning of the game. You get introduced to the world, as well as to some basic game mechanics. This should help you to get a feel for the game. The full game contains a lot more content (biomes, items, stories, crafting stations, tools, etc.).

How long is the Above Snakes: Prologue?

  • That depends a lot on your play style. We assume that you can enjoy the content for at least 1-2 hours of gameplay.

Can I continue my Prologue save file with the full game?

  • Yes, you can continue your save file with the full game. It will be transferred automatically via Steam Cloud. Please note that all items with “Prologue” in their name, as well as placed / build “Prologue” items will get removed from your save file.
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