The Last Spell – How to Beat Lakeburg (Boss Guide)

Lakeburg Map Tips

Note: Credit goes to A5G_Reaper


If you’re struggling then picking +essence is a rather bad choice, isn’t it? Better get something that help you survive. I used +1 housing, mysticism (+mana and mana regen on all heroes), and +8% crit. Housing snowballs the economy very hard especially with how many nights are available to do it. Mana and mana regen allows liberal use of spells early, and lakeburg doesnt have 4-pronged attack for quite some time so the starting three heroes are sufficient in defending it until then. And crit, well, it’s just good stats.


Forget about walls until nearing the end. Max out catapults first, 2 at each corners and 1 at the midpoint. It helps a lot to clear the early waves, just remember to use them sparingly unless you have more than 1 hero with defensive training perk because if the hero lands a killing blow they get bonus exp. Ballista next, 10 at each side, dont ever bother making them mounted but do upgrade the operator as soon as possible.

A couple barricades will do if you need to protect these in the meantime. Only after finishing building it that you can start getting walls. Reinforced wooden wall only, do NOT get stone walls. In fact, i at this point the starting stone walls still stand (dont ever waste material repairing them) you should tear them down. Being able to shoot through walls is important, and you’ll never have enough material for full layer of stone walls or mounted ballista.


Gold mine, housing. You should have them fully or near fully upgraded by the third day. You can sell some of the starting equipment for extra fund to kickstart this, armor/pants/hat are generally safe to pawn off and so is some consumables and trinkets. Buying back things from the shop cost the same, so you can also temporarily sell something to get a “loan” of sort.

Say, going from 27 to 30 gold to build a house then using the worker to scavenge a corpse, then using the gold to buy back the pawned equipment. Snowballing is important. After that you should build whatever you need. Crafting buildings are never bad. Seer if the fog gets too close. Mana wells and/or temple if you need them, or simply want to start boosting your heroes’ HP and mana.

Use gold mines to get money, use money to upgrade crafting buildings, use the upgraded equipment to arm your heroes so they can comfortably hold back the horde by their own. Ideally you want only as many heroes as you strictly need (4 is a good number), so that at the last day you can instabuy maxed or near-max level heroes off the tavern and skip all the earlygame perks in favor of immediately making them a powerhouse.

Hero Build

Primary damage stat boosts all damage output. Secondary damage stat, however, only boost the relevant skill. It’s color coded, physical damage is red and is used by melee weapons. Ranged damage is yellow and is used by ranged weapons.

Magic damage is purple and is used by magic weapons. These do NOT overlap, so careful not to pick dead stats. Similarly stats like momentum, multihit, or propagation only affect weapons that have those skills so there’s no point picking momentum if you’re using a bow.

Perk synergy is not something that can be explained shortly, but if you could post some screenshot of your heroes we can help point out if anything can be done about it.


Now this may looks simple at a glance, but if you just focus on killing the closest enemies then you’ll inevitably get overran. In most cases you’ll want to wound as many as possible, only killing those that will be able to walk up into the haven and/or whack a building that isn’t barricade./wall. Wounds makes enemies slower, which depending on the distance could well double the turns needed for them to threaten anything.

They also allows healthy enemies to catch up to them, making the clump a prime target for AoE. And finally, ballistas deals better with a large number of wounded enemies than a smaller number of healthy ones. Every bit counts when you’re defending with minimal manpower.

The other aspect is target selection. Runners are fast, dodgy, and hard to hit, so if you have a wand user you should prioritize smacking them with the undodgeable attack. Or you let them pass for the undodgeable ballista to kill them. Dodger are even dodgier, largely same response. Splitter have decent block, either wallop them with big single-target hit or poison them. The flying ones have resistance, attack them with magic or poison. Armored are tanky if you hit it head on, but generally instadies to any armor-piercing attack.

A bulky needs way too much focus fire to deal with, you hit it with the handbow’s poison that debuff its movement point and just ignore it for three turns. Etc, etc, each enemies have the best way to deal with. You should build a toolbox capable of taking care a majority of the encounters. In particular the handbow is a very versatile weapon to have. It can wound a large number of enemies, it have poison, it have movement debuff, and it have propagate attack. The downside is that it’s not very good against bosses, so keep that in mind.

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