Sons Of The Forest – How to Avoid Cannibals in Start and Build Good Base

This is a guide about handy start. Suits guys, who want to build base, but still want to have enemies in game.

Guide to Avoid Cannibals and Build Base


Guide divides in 2 parts:

  1. Spot search
  2. Building

Spot Search

Searching spot is really important part. In this guide it contains 3 parts:

  1. Choosing base spot
  2. Avoiding cannibals
  3. Getting loot

Choosing base spot

It’s very important part. In general, you need choose depending on:

  • Lake. Lakes gives you infinite water, food and defence from 1 side of base (expect winter). Near start it really helps because you need less logs, but have more space, so you can build good base and have stored resources in winter
  • No tracks and rivers. Usually, cannibals’ scouts walk near rivers or on tracks. If you have none – less problems.
  • Loot. Every on every save loading loot respawns. Infinite resources.

Avoiding cannibals

Cannibals like revenge, even if it stupid and cost more lives. There 2 options:

  • Hiding. Not very handy and you can always meet some silent scouts. Also there are Kelvin. Kelvin is Kelving and he can’t hide.
  • Mass murderer. Leave no one alive. No one talks – no revenge. It’s difficult at start, because scared cannibals run away to tell about you to their golden mask daddies. You can use small stones (headshot stuns enemy for 5-10 sec) or bow (headshot kills at start), but if they are close to each other you can just blow them up.

Getting loot

Remember, you can always get loot on way to your spot. I prefer taking pistol and gps (in sea)


Not every base cannibal-proof

  1. At start, you should make a fence. Any, don’t really matter which one, but spiky full logs best. Also tell Kelvin to get a lot of sticks and rocks.
  2. Creating enter/exit. There are more than one. You can place usual doors, or gates. You can teleport using chairs or clip through walls with zipline (this 2 can be fixed). Or you can use ropes. But if you are sticks & stones magnate you can do spike maze, but it’s kinda works on you too, so you have to be careful.
  3. Making spikes. You can place spikes through walls and still work fine, but now cannibals targeting walls and taking damage because this ai kinda like Kelvin’s. They also chop certain parts, depends on height (for me – legs, but you can chop heads with some log stacks). You can make them durable with stones, so no need to place new one every time.

External traps

  1. Usual traps. Book ones… Nothing to say here, expect companions that really like eating cannibal meat
  2. Smart traps.
  • Scouts like big rocks and i like 3 spikes on them. Symbiosis.
  • If you place random windows cannibals like to go through them or attack them. Some spikes or usual traps will help.
  • Usual traps a bit away from entrances. If it open – cannibals will go to it with all their blindness for usual traps. I place them 1.5-2 metres away. Inches lives antimatter!
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