The Henry Stickmin Collection – Bios Guide

The purpose of this guide is to show where to get the Bios of each character. To get a Bios, you need to right click on the face of a Character.

Prologue: Breaking The Bank

After Selecting “Disguise” 2 Guards will show up and talk, click them.

After they take the bag, you will see 2 guards having a conversation (which is a parody/homage to RedVsBlue Episode 1) Click them.

If you don’t like pictures and prefer a Video, here it is:

Episode 1: Escaping the Prison

Intro: These 2 guards, click them.

File: Click these 2.

Click Everyone.

NRG Drink: Click on the Prisoner (there are 2 guards after him, but you should already have there Bios from the intro).

Click on the cop looking at the board, the cop eating the donut, and the cop on the picture/painting.

Teleporter: Click on the 2 guards.

Rocket Launcher: Click on the mechanic.

Cellphone: Click on the Judge.

Click on the Witness.

Click on the Prosecutor.

Click on the Lawyer.

This is quite tricky, there are 4 characters (you will probably need to do the ending twice to get them all) 1 is eating a sandwich, 1 is behind sandwich guy walking to the left, 1 is walking to the right of the bus, and the last one (barely visible on picture) is walking to the left BEHIND the bus.

Drill: Click on these 2.

These 2.

And the Skeleton.

Click on these 2 Guard.

Click on him.

And Click all of them.

Episode 2: Stealing the Diamond

Intro: Click the Mayor.

Bust In: Click these 2.

This one.

These 2.

These 3.

Both Cops.

Pilot and Sniper.

Both Cops.

Sneak In – Teleporter. Click the Guard.

Click these 2.

Click Him.

Sneak In – Pick. Click these 2.

The sleeping guard.

These 2.

The 3rd one (who gets taken away by a dragon).

The one at the entrance (where a rock falls down).

Click Both.

Episode 3: Infiltrating the Airship

Intro: Click the 2 Army men.

Click the Topat Clan.


Earpiece. Knock on the valve then click him.

Everyone sitting at the table.

The dude blocked in the elevator.

Guy with Keycard.

Blue Hat guy.

Red Room Guy.

These 2.

Canon Ball. The Prisoner.

The 2 Bankers.

The construction man.

Girl on the left.

This is one is a bit tricky, get the guy with the ak 47, and if you just can’t see it, click all of them.

Grapple Gun. Guy who comes out.

The 2 paintings.

The guy and also the 2 remaining paintings.

Select propane tank, then click him.

Battlefield is really tough, there’s a huge amount of people. These 4.

These 5.


Also everyone.

This Guy (and everyone around the bush, but i wasn’t able to take a screenshot where there’s no glass).

And him.

Choose the D.E.B, and click the 2 family members.

Click the 3 Robocops.

The one on the right in the circle.

Episode 4: Fleeing the Complex

Intro: The Warden.

2nd in Command.


Vent – Solo. These 2.


Choose longshot to get this one.

Choose elevator for all 4.

All 3.

The Captain.

And the sailor (you need to click fast).

Vent – With Ellie. These 4.

And 3 more.

Make sure to get both of them.

The trio of guards.

The 2 guards in the elevator.

And the 3 convicts in the other elevator.


Written by: Lord Szechenyi

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