The Corruption Within – Walkthrough + Achievements

Walkthrough and guidance for obtaining 100% achievements!


The Corruption Within is a short point and click adventure featuring ten achievements.


  • All achievements are story-related.
  • Always make sure to exhaust all dialogue options.
  • Choices don’t matter.

Full Walkthrough

  • Knock on the door.
  • Go to the right twice, then up.
  • Knock on the door again.
  • Interact with the green sofa three times.
  • Go to the right four times.
  • Take the green hose hidden in the bottom right corner.
  • Now, go to the left three times and talk to the butler.
  • Go to the left four times and try to take the bottle of whiskey.
  • Talk to Francesca, the kitchen maid.
  • Pick up the bottle of whiskey.
  • Go to the right and talk to Molly.
  • Head back to the butler and interact with the stairs multiple times.
  • Talk to the butler, then go up twice.
  • Head to the right-most door and interact with the painting twice.
  • Enter the room ahead and interact with the chest of drawers twice.
  • Go downstairs, then to the left.
  • Outside again, go to the right and interact with the shed door twice.
  • Go to the right, up, then to the right three times.
  • Examine the purple plant in front of the abandonded house to find a screwdriver.
  • Go to the right, open your inventory (MMB) and use the spanner on the mortar.
  • Go to the left three times, then down.
  • Back in the mansion, enter the first floor.
  • Go to the right twice, then up.
  • Find a book in the desk on the left.
  • Try to access the second floor again.
  • Now, go left twice and up once. Talk to Charlotte.
  • Enter the next room on the left.
  • Head to the right four times and enter the room ahead. Talk to Charles.
  • Leave and go to the right. Examine the console table twice to find some matches.
  • Go up and talk to Penelope.
  • Go downstairs and talk to the Isabelle in the music room.
  • Now, go to the right and talk to the servant.
  • Backtrack to the old barn. Talk to Gary.
  • Enter the mansion again and head to the left three times, then go up.
  • Pick up the magnifying glass.
  • Leave and go to the second floor.
  • Enter the second room on the left and examine the footlocker six times.
  • Use the maginfying glass on the painting.
  • Leave and enter again. Talk to Charlotte.
  • Outside the room, interact with the green console table three times.
  • Click on the buttons in this order: 4-3-1-5-2-1-5-3.
  • At the lake, use the rune book on the yellow pillar. Code: 11-13-14-22.
  • Back in the mansion, head to the second floor, then enter the right-most room.
  • Talk to Giles, then head outside and backtrack to the hanging body.
  • Go up and use the iron key on the rock face.
  • Enter the mansion, then go to the right twice and pick up the oil lamp.
  • Back in the cave behind the hanging body, go up.
  • Interact with the bones on the left three times to find a locket.
  • Enter the mansion again. Talk to everyone downstairs.
  • Head to the second floor and interact with the vase on the very right.
  • Go to the right and use the nail file on the pulpit.
  • Inspect the pulpit. Code: 13-21-24-23-11-12-22-14.
  • Talk to the Gary in the dining room downstairs.
  • Head back to the second floor, then try to go to the left.
  • Now, go to the first floor and enter the right-most room.
  • Use the screwdriver on the musical box.
  • Open your inventory and use the bedroom key on the door in front of you.
  • Head outside and go to the lake/shallow waters location.
  • Use the wire and the hose on the wagon.
  • Interact with the shallow waters and take the wallet on the left.
  • Back in the mansion, talk to everyone downstairs.
  • Head to the second floor and talk to Penelope.
  • Backtrack to the previous room and inspect the mirror twice.
  • Talk to Isabelle in the music room downstairs.
  • Go to the second floor, then to the left.
  • Enter the room in front of you.
  • Interact with the dresser to open a secret room.
  • Go to the right and interact with the chest twice.
  • Leave and enter the bedroom on the very right. Talk to Giles.
  • Now, enter the room on the very left.
  • Head to the kitchen and talk to Francesca.
  • Back on the second floor, enter the left-most room again.
  • Talk to the couple.
  • At the left-most lake location, inspect the prominent rock three times.
  • Now, find a book in the chest (secret room) on the second floor.
  • Talk to Isabelle downstairs.
  • Go to the right twice, then down.
  • Interact with the left cage multiple times.
  • Take the whip and use it on the left cage.
  • Investigate the iron maiden, then use the spanner on the it.
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