The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos – Worker’s Honor / Ramona Alternative Passage

Worker’s Honor / Ramona Alternative Passage

You’ve to reach Recon’s room in the harbor’s inn. Ask to Helga where the room is, and place the proof in his chest.

Recon is one of the two workers.

They will say that the crane has been damaged by someone in the slum/poor district. You can ask questions to the people of this district, you will be on the traces of a man, Borr, and later on Alder (the real guilty guy).

  • 1) Talk to Recon and Veigo at barracks.
  • 2) Talk to Ramona.
  • 3) Ask questions to people in the poor district/harbor and to Helga.
  • 4) Talk to Borr.
  • 5) Talk to Alder (save before, cause you have to make a decision).

You can justify them, since they’re innocents, and sent to prison Alder, or try to accuse them placing the crane part in the Recon’s chest (top floor, first room).

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