SULFUR – Beginner Guide + Recipe List

This guide explains you how to understand the game mechanic. Also you can find here list of recipes.

Guide for New Players

The start of the game is the hardest when you’re just starting to gear up and hoard some extra gear/items.


The tips for saving ammo I can give you are:

  • Use Molotovs, poison jars and freeze grenades on hordes of enemies (try get them grouped up in a corridor).
  • Save the explosive grenades for the cracked walls (the secret upgrade room) so you can either get gun upgrades or a decent piece of gear.
  • Learn how much bullets you need to use on enemies (example usually baby goblins only need 1-2 bullets to the head) then use your sword to finish them off.
  • Save a grenade for the mini-boss and try to group them close together so you can kill them in one go without using ammo.
  • You don’t have to kill every enemy, if you think your going to run out of ammo by the time you get to the mini-boss, you could try do a run where you gather extra weapons and gear and then just sprint past the enemies and try get to the shrine with stuff to sell.
  • If you’re really low on ammo, try baiting the enemies into either jumping up to you or down once they are in the animation of jumping, use your sword and kill em while they are locked in the jumping animation.
  • Deposit the ammo you aren’t using in the chest so you don’t lose it if you die.
  • I really don’t think you need to buy gear in the shops, its expensive and you usually get gear in the caves anyway. Save your money for only buying ammo until you’re rich enough to buy extra gear or upgrades.
  • Shotguns are honestly the best, they seem to use the least amount of durability, as long as you’re close to the enemy you can one-shot them with a good face-shot, So they are most efficient ammo-wise.
  • Use the throwing knifes for long-range enemies, (Goblin archers and mages).
  • Use the environment to your advantage, bait enemies near a explosive barrel, all enemies can drown so you can lead them into the water.

The cooking system is a bit weird at first but it’s logical once you get used to it. Just try to think logically and weirdly a bit primitive at the same time? For example: Two potatoes make mashed potato or a rock and one potato can do the same thing. Two eggs can make omelette. Bread has lots of recipes mostly sandwiches, Bread + Meat = Hotdog, Bread + Butter = 4x Butter Sandwiches. There’s quite a lot of recipes.

Recipe List

  • Liver + Stone = Leverpastej (Liver paste).
  • Liverpastej + Bread = x4 Liver Pate Sandwich (1×1. 20hp over 5s).
  • Potato + Stone/Potato = Mashed potatoes.
  • Egg + Cheese/Egg/x3 shrooms = Omelet.
  • Broth + 3x purple/red shrooms = 2x Mushroom soup.
  • Broth + Frog leg = Cuisses De Grenouille.
  • Bread + Cheese + Cheese/Butter = 4x Cheese sandwich.
  • Bread + Brain/Intestines = 2x French hotdog.
  • 2x Goblin flesh = Mystery meat.
  • Any flesh/Mystery meat + Water/Broth = Stew.
  • Snail + Snail/Broth = Escargot.
  • 2x Cheese = Fondue.
  • Water + Bone = Broth.
  • Kidney + Stone = 3x Kidney stone (2.5 health over 2.5 sec, would not recommend)
  • 3x Red shroom + Stone = Red shroom paste (gives slow-mo).
  • Bread + Goblin/Dog Flesh + Cheese = Cheeseburger.
  • Stick + Two Cheese = Two Fondue.
  • Robot Flesh + Spice Mix = Two Ramen.
  • Solution+Spice Mix = Hot Sauce.
  • Spring+Shoe = Springcoil Boot.
  • Spice Mix+Chicken Leg = Nashville Hot Chicken.
  • 1xBottled Water + 1xMystery Meat = 1xStew (Recover 18 Health over 3 seconds)
  • 1xBottled Water + 1xBone = 1xBroth (Recover 7.5 Health over 2.5 seconds)
  • 1xBroth + 3xVelvet Bell = 2xMushroom Soup (Recover 18 Health over 9 seconds)
  • 1xBroth + 6xVelvet Bell = 3xMushroom Soup (Recover 18 Health over 9 seconds)
  • 1xStick + 3xVelvet Bell = 1xMushroom Skewer (Recover 15 Health over 3 seconds)
  • 1xBroth + 3xRodsopp = 2xMushroom Soup (Recover 18 Health over 9 seconds) (I wouldn’t suggest using Rodsopp to make Mushroom Soup, they can used in more potent recipes and aren’t as abundant. Stick to Velvet Bells)
  • 1xBread + 2xCheese = 4xCheese Sandwich (Recover 20 Health over 5 seconds)
  • 1xRock + 1xPotato = 1xMashed Potatoes (Recover 30 Health over 10 seconds)
  • 2xPotato = 1xMashed Potatoes (Recover 30 Health over 10 seconds) (If you have any rocks, use those instead of 2 Potatoes)
  • 1xStick + 1xMystery Meat = 1xMeat Skewer (Recover 20 Health over 2 seconds)
  • Mystery meat + Bread = French Hotdog (20 HP over 2.5 sec)
  • False sulfcap + Any skin/Lung = Dynamite.
  • False sulfcap + Mystery meat = Sulfur grenade.
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