Palia – Guide to Item Details & Values

This guide contains useful information and value on items in the Palia game.


NameRarityValue (g)Location
Ceramic BrickCommon6Crafted
Copper BarUncommon21Crafted
Copper OreCommon4Kilima
Flow-infused PlankCommon15Crafted
Flow-infused WoodCommon13Both
Glass BulbCommon34Crafted
Glass PaneCommon13Crafted
Gold BarEpic510Crafted
Gold OreRare36Bahari
Heartwood PlankCommon2Crafted
Iron BarUncommon43Crafted
Iron OreCommon8Bahari
Juniper tree seedRare60Bahari
Palium BarCommon95Crafted
Palium OreCommon12Bahari
Plant FiberCommon1Both
Samara tree seedRare60Kilima
Sapwood PlankCommon1Crafted
Silk ThreadUncommon14Crafted
Silver BarRare255Crafted
Silver OreUncommon18Kilima
Stone BrickCommon3Crafted


NameRarityValue (g)Starred (g)Location
Ancient Amber BeetleEpic360540Bahari – ancient gate/central stables
Azure StonehopperRare150225Bahari – Pulsewater Plains to Hideaway Bluffs
Bahari BeeUncommon3958Bahari – Tree chopping
Bahari CrabCommon1624Bahari – All Coastline
Bahari GlowbugRare145217Bahari – Pulsewater Plains
Brighteye ButterflyRare110165Bahari – The Outskirts to Coral Shores
Brushtail DragonflyCommon1319Kilima – Fisherman’s Lagoon, Coastline
Cerulean CicadaUncommon6090Bahari – On Trees
Common Bark CicadaCommon2131Bahari – On Trees
Common Blue ButterflyCommon1218Both
Common Field CricketCommon1624Both
Duskwing ButterflyUncommon3451Kilima – Maji’s Hollow
Fairy MantisEpic360540Bahari – Pulsewater Plains, Pavel mines, Hideaway Bluffs, Thorny Thicket
Firebreathing DragonflyRare125187Kilima – Mirror Pond Ruins/Mirror Fields
Garden LadybugUncommon4669Bahari – Flowers
Garden LeafhopperUncommon4973Kilima – Leafhopper Hills/Mirror Fields
Garden MantisUncommon3654Kilima – All Coast line
Garden MillipedeUncommon3654Kilima
Garden SnailUncommon3654Bahari – Flooded fortress, The Outskirts to Coral shores, Coastline
Golden Glory BeeRare125187Kilima – Tree chopping
Gossamer Veil MothRare110165Kilima
Hairy MillipedeRare120180Bahari – Anywhere north of Flooded Fortress
Inky DragonflyUncommon4973Bahari – Around ponds and rivers
Jewelwing DragonflyEpic360540Bahari – On top of Pavel Mines
Kilima Night MothCommon1218Both
Leafstalker MantisRare120180Bahari – Sweetleaf
Lunar Fairy MothUncommon3451Bahari
Paper Lantern BugCommon1624Bahari – Anywhere north of Flooded Fortress
Princess LadybugRare145217Kilima – Fishermans Lagoon/Coastline
Proudhorned Stag BeetleUncommon4669Kilima – Mining nodes
Rainbow-tipped ButterflyEpic360540Bahari – Pulsewater Plains, top of Pavel mines, Hideaway bluffs
Raspberry BeetleRare145217Kilima – Badruu & Delilah’s farm
Scintillating CentipedeRare120180Bahari – Mining nodes
Spineshell CrabUncommon4669Bahari – All Coastline
Spitfire CicadaRare145217Bahari – On Trees
Spotted MantisRare120180Kilima – Maji’s Hollow
Spotted StinkbugCommon1421Both
Stripeshell SnailRare120180Bahari – Flooded Fortress, Coastline
Vampire CrabRare145217Bahari – Flooded Fortress

Star Stones

NameSignQualitiesRarityValue (g)Starred (g)
AmethystThe AristocratDiplomacy, BeautyEpic20003000
AquamarineThe ScholarDedication, IntrospectionRare8001200
CitrineThe WandererLove for adventure, Carefree, Sunny DaysRare400600
GarnetThe GeneralLeadership, PerserveranceUncommon300450
JasperThe FarmerLove of Family, Hard WorkEpic8001200
OnyxThe BuilderSteadfastness, RespectRare500750
QuartzThe WatcherDestiny, Greatness, Cursed (Sometimes)Uncommon200300
SapphireThe ArtistCreativity, EmotionEpic15002250


NameRarityValue (g)Starred (g)Location
Briar DaisyUncommon1522Bahari
Crystal Lake LotusUncommon2030Kilima
Dari ClovesEpic6090Bahari
Dragon’s Beard PeteRare3654Bahari
Emerald Carpet MossUncommon1827Kilima
Green PearlEpic145217Bahari
Heartdrop LilySuperb4060Bahari
Heat RootRare3045Bahari
Mountain MorelCommon812Both
Oyster MeatCommon913Bahari
Spice SproutsUncommon1522Kilima
Sundrop LilyCommon1015Both
Sweet LeafUncommon1522Bahari
Unopened OysterCommon6Bahari
Wild GarlicUncommon1522Both
Wild GingerUncommon1522Kilima
Wild Green OnionUncommon1015Kilima


SeedsRarityValue (g)Starred (g)Time to grow# of harvests
ApplesRare700105012 days4
BlueberriesRare1121689 days4
Bok ChoyCommon15223 days1
CarrotsCommon7103 days1
CornCommon15225 days1
CottonCommon20305 days1
Napa CabbageCommon10156 days1
OnionsCommon10154 days1
PotatoesCommon20305 days1
RiceCommon11163 days1
Spicy pepperUncommon851276 days4
TomatoesCommon40604 days4
WheatCommon12184 days1
ProduceRarityValue (g)Starred (g)PreserveStarred
Bok ChoyCommon45674567
Napa CabbageCommon06090
Spicy pepperUncommon32484872

Animal Products

NameRarityValue (g)Starred (g)Location
Chapaa FurCommon1319Both
Chapaa MeatUncommon1319Both
Chapaa Tail, AzureEpic350525Bahari
Chapaa Tail, SpottedUncommon3552Both
Chapaa Tail, StripedRare115172Both
Mujinn ManeUncommon5075Bahari
Mujinn Mane, BandedRare175262Bahari
Mujinn Mane, BluebristleEpic440660Bahari
Mujinn MeatUncommon1319Bahari
Sernuk AntlersUncommon4364Both
Sernuk Antlers, ElderRare150225Both
Sernuk Antlers, ProudhornEpic230345Bahari
Sernuk HideCommon13Both
Sernuk MeatUncommon1319Both


NameRarityValue (g)Starred (g)BaitLocation
Glow WormsUncommon25
Albino EelCommon3552WormBahari – Cave
Alligator GarCommon80120Glow WormKilima – coast
Ancient FishEpic410615Glow WormSelect
Bahari BassSelect2334WormBahari – Coast
Bahari BreamSelect3958WormBahari – Coast
Bahari PikeSelect80120Glow WormBahari – Rivers
BarracudaUncommon5075NoneKilima – coast
Bat RayUncommon75112WormBahari – Cave
Beluga SturgeonSelect80120Glow WormKilima – coast
Bigeye TunaSelect0Bahari – Coast
Black Sea BassSelect84126Glow WormBahari – Coast
BlobfishCommon75112Glow WormBahari – Cave
Blue MarlinRare3958WormBahari – Coast
Blue Spotted RayRare145217Select
Bluefin TunaSelect210315Glow WormBahari – Coast
Cactus MorayUncommon125187Glow WormBahari – Coast
Calico KoiSelect2334NoneBoth – Ponds
Cantankerous KoiUncommon5075NoneBoth – Ponds
Channel CatfishUncommon3958NoneKilima – Rivers
ChubUncommon115172Glow WormSelect
CloudfishRare0Glow WormBoth – Ponds
Crimson FangtoothUncommon115172Glow WormBahari – Cave
Crucian CarpCommon80120Glow WormKilima – Rivers
Cuttthroat TroutUncommon70105WormBahari – Rivers
DawnrayUncommon0NoneBahari – Rivers
DuskrayUncommon0NoneBahari – Rivers
Enchanted PupfishUncommon115172Glow WormKilima – coast
Energized PiranhaRare135202WormKilima – Rivers
Eyeless MinnowCommon2030NoneBahari – Cave
Fairy CarpRare145217WormBoth – Ponds
Fathead MinnowSelect80120Glow WormBahari – Rivers
Flametongue RayEpic0Select
Freshwater EelUncommon70105WormKilima – Rivers
Giant GoldfishEpic0Glow WormBoth – Ponds
Giant Kilima StingrayEpic355532Glow WormKilima – coast
GillyfinCommon2030NoneKilima – coast
Golden SalmonSelect3552WormKilima – Rivers
Honey LoachUncommon115172Bahari – Rivers
Hypnotic MorayRare205307Bahari – Rivers
Indigo LampreySelect0Select
Kenli’s CarpRare0Select
Kilima CatfishSelect3958WormBoth – Ponds
Kilima GraylingUncommon115172Glow WormKilima – Rivers
Kilima RedfinSelect3552WormBahari – Rivers
Largemouth BassSelect3349WormKilima – coast
Long Nosed Unicorn FishEpic410615Glow WormBahari – Coast
Midnight PaddlefishRare0Select
Mirror CarpUncommon75112WormBoth – Ponds
Mottled GobiSelect85127Glow WormBahari – Rivers
MudminnowSelect2334NoneBoth – Ponds
Mutated AnglerRare145217WormBahari – Cave
Oily AnchovySelect3552WormBahari – Rivers
Orange BluegillSelect3958WormBoth – Ponds
Painted PerchSelect3349WormKilima – coast
Platinum ChadSelect80120Glow WormKilima – Rivers
Prism TroutUncommon6090WormKilima – coast
Radiant SunfishRare135202WormKilima – Rivers
Rainbow TroutUncommon4770NoneKilima – Rivers
Red-bellied PiranhaCommon3552WormKilima – Rivers
Ribbontail RayUncommon0Select
Rosy BitterlingSelect2131NoneBahari – Rivers
Scarlet KoiSelect85127Glow WormBoth – Ponds
ShimmerfinRare130195WormKilima – coast
Ship fragmentsCommonCoasts
Silver SalmonSelect2131NoneKilima – Rivers
Silvery MinnowSelect2131NoneBahari – Rivers
Smallmouth BassSelect3349WormKilima – coast
Spotted BullheadCommon2131NoneKilima – Rivers
Stalking CatfishUncommon125187Select
SticklebackUncommon70105WormKilima – Rivers
StonefishCommon80120Glow WormBahari – Cave
Striped DaceSelect2131NoneKilima – Rivers
Striped SturgeonUncommon6090WormKilima – coast
Swordfin EelEpic0Select
Thundering EelRare135202WormSelect
Umbran CarpUncommon4770NoneBahari – Cave
Void RayEpic375562Glow WormBahari – Cave
Wagon wheelCommonRivers
Waterlogged bootCommonPonds
Willow LampreyRare0Select
Yellow PerchSelect2131NoneBahari – Rivers
Yellowfin TunaSelect85127Glow WormBahari – Coast
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