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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of game will this be; will it be similar to The Elder Scrolls?

The game is a first person RPG similar to The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall, set in a very large, open-world, filled with many interacting factions, in which choice and consequence will play a major role.

What game engine will be used?

We are using Unreal Engine 5

Will it have sprites\retro graphics?

The game will have modern graphics with a stylized-realism art style.

When will the game be released?

The game is currently in pre production, though we have several systems which we have completed a first pass on, but the team is working on a voluntary basis until funding is procured, therefore, it is too early to determine a release date.

Will there be mod support?

The plan has always been to give modders as many tools as possible to have a healthy and vibrant mod community.

Will the game be rated mature\have mature themes?

The game is being developed with a mature audience in mind. You might see some nudity, but nothing of a pornographic nature.

How many races will there be and will there be any like Khajiit or Argonians?

We have 8 playable races: Humans, Dwarfs, Elves, Orks, Goblins, Ogres, Cambion and Fey. Currently there are no plans for any beast races similar to those of The Elder Scrolls, though Cambions can have some bestial features, like horns, animal feet, and tails.

Will there be racism between the races?

Do not expect to see any heavy racist themes, though some bigotry and negative feelings may exist between the races.

Can I kill anyone in the game?

The player will be able to kill any adults, but NOT any children. This is an executive decision from the Game Directors and not an issue up for debate.

Will the player be able to romance anyone?

We only want to do romance if it can be meaningful and not just a bar that you fill up by doing sidequests. As of right now, we have too many other systems that need attention, so romance will have to wait.

Can the player become a king?

This feature will not be in the game as it will break the core gameplay loop of adventuring. We are not creating an administrative simulator.

Will the game have an alien environment like in Morrowind?

The main aesthetic for the game will be a late medieval setting, but there will be plenty of strange locales, such as Merothwyr, a land that was risen from the seafloor and is strewn with whale bones, dead coral reefs, giant sea shells and other peculiarities.

Will there be firearms?

This has not fully been decided, but is a little unlikely.

How large is the map?

The map is planned to be a little larger than the size of Daggerfall, which was in itself the size of Great Britain, though the size may change slightly during development in order to make sure the environments are not just large empty spaces.

What is the VGM?

The Virtual Game Master is the system that will determine what encounters\loot\quests\etc. your character will come across. It will tailor your game based on the activities and rewards that you prefer.

When will you show gameplay?

We are building a game that is very systems heavy and, as such, those have been the focus for now. We will showcase gameplay when our systems are in a state that can really showcase what makes The Wayward Realms unique from other RPGs.

Will there be crafting?

There will be some forms of crafting, but weapon and armor crafting falls outside of our gameplay loop, as we feel those are professions that a person dedicates their lifetime to mastering, not a side activity that is done in between dungeon delves.

Will there be spell making?

Yes, the player will be able to craft their own spells.

How will the magic system work?

At this time we haven’t shared too much info on magic, other than it is rare in the world. This does not affect your ability to be a mage; you will be able to create a mage character and have access to magic from the start. It does mean that more powerful spells will be harder to come by, but more satisfying when obtained. We will release more information on magic later on down the line.

How will the combat work? Will it be more like Skyrim or Daggerfall? Will it have Dice Rolls?

At this time we have a system that allows you to switch between something more akin to Skyrim combat, and something more akin to Daggerfall combat, with relative ease. There will be no dice rolls as we prefer your actual stats matter more than the luck of a roll. There isn’t much more to share about combat for now, but we will release more information later on down the line.

Will there be Lockpicking/Pickpocketing/Persuasion minigames?

We will have those activities in the game, but they will be based on your character’s skills and not on the results of a minigame (player’s skill).

How many factions will be in the game?

We currently have a list of over 40 factions, but that number is not set in stone and could grow or shrink as we get further into production. Just know that we will have a lot of factions and they will all be joinable, but not all by the same character.

Will you implement some form of AI to do text-to-speech or generate conversations with the player?

We are keeping our eyes on these AI programs. As of right now, they haven’t reached a satisfactory level for our needs, but we are certain future versions will get there. For now, we don’t have plans to implement one, but that could change later on. Implementation in a sequel, if we get to make one, seems a more likely scenario.

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