Stranded: Alien Dawn – Desert Biome Tips

Tips for Desert Biome

The Five Bigs Are:

  1. Grain use: fuel, food source, antibiotics harvestable day 1-3 in tthe wild life (tall grass prefered and tall plant, only need one of them. tall grass is yellowish). Harvestable day 1-3 in tthe wild life.
  2. Clothblossom use: clothing, bandages, weapons early game, animal fat (for fuel) and flooring (think they are called white plant something). Harvestable day 4-6 in the wildlife
  3. Hay use: house building, warm protection early game (giant grass are best). Can be used to build all the center of your housing only using more time costly ressources on the exposed floors. Also levels up physical faster than any other ressource (together with stone).
  4. Mushrooms: for low handling light and pain releif recepie and veggie food source. (They light up during the night (orange).
  5. Silicon: used for crafting of electronics not to important first week, but can hold you back not having stocked up on silicon. Harvestable day 10 or so in the wildlife

On harder levels you usually dont over observe, would say 1-4 are the ones you have within week one of your playthrough. With harvestable i mean you can pick it all up in one go roughly.

Pay attention to certain plants and their preferred soil. Some crops do just fine in sand, others do very badly. This is important because a certain place might look not so great for farming, but actually can be.

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