LIVE A LIVE – Imperial China (Recruitment)


The First Painful Step

Complete your first training session with your disciples in the Imperial China chapter.

Nothing Left to Teach

Impart the ultimate technique to your disciple in the Imperial China chapter.

Keeper of the Legacy

Complete the Imperial China chapter.


The Shifu’s Cottage & Mount Aspiration

Item Checklist:

  1. Weathered Boots
  2. Qilin Boots
  3. Red Bean Bun
  4. Pork Bun
  5. Pork Bun
  6. Weathered Garments
  7. Weathered Garments
  8. White Clover
  9. White Clover
  10. Birdeye Speedwell

When you regain control of Shifu, check the Northwest corner drawers for 2 items—(#1) Weathered Boots & (#2) Qilin Boots. Head to the back room (the curtain door) and inspect the corner jars and drawers for (#3) 1x Red Bean Bun, (#4-5) 2x Pork Bun, and (#6-7) 2x Weathered Garments. That’s it for items inside the cottage.

Head outside and a few steps left you can find (#8-9) 2x White Clover among a couple of weeds. This immediate outside area is Mount Aspiration.

Head west past the first sign and all the way to the left is (10) a tuft of Birdeye Speedwell.

Head Southeast from the last item and South to the next screen. Keep following the linear path in this next area until you see the second sign. There are 3 paths you can take which will each lead you to a prospective disciple. You can do them in any order, but for the purpose of this guide we will go West to the Bamboo Forest first.

Bamboo Forest

Item Checklist:

  1. Nature’s Providence
  2. Nature’s Providence
  3. White Clover
  4. Nature’s Providence
  5. Birdeye Speedwell
  6. Nature’s Providence
  7. Nature’s Providence
  8. Shepherd’s Purse

Before you continue, equip the Qilin Boots for the boost. None of the battles here are tough so we’ll skip non-boss explanations. The first weed along your path, close to the entrance, contains (#1) Nature’s Providence. The second weed has nothing. The third weed, just North after going down the ramp, has another (#2) Nature’s Providence. West of the last item is a (#3) White Clover.

Further along the path, you’ll come across a 3-way crossroad. Moving slightly north will trigger a boss battle, but let’s go West first for 2 weeds containing (#4) Nature’s Providence and (#5) Birdeye Speedwell. Head back to the crossroad and trigger the battle by moving forward and selecting option #2—I’m afraid I have nothing for you. This boss should go down in 2-3 medium-damage abilities. Nothing to write home about. Now that we’re free to explore, take the Eastern branch of the crossroad for a (#5) Nature’s Providence. Backtrack to the crossroad and go Northwest and just above a sign are 2 weeds containing another (#6) Nature’s Providence and a (#7) Shepherd’s Purse.

Backtrack all the way to the 3-way crossroad in Mount Aspiration and take the Southwest path to Wong Village.

Wong Village

There are no items to loot here but instead, we can help the villagers out by giving them the items they need. Thankfully, we looted most of these items from Bamboo Forest. Most of them will give us something in return.

#Item NeededReward
1Nature’s ProvidenceIron Wok
2Nature’s ProvidencePork Bun
3Nature’s ProvidenceCatfish Whisker
4Nature’s ProvidenceRed Bean Bun
5Red Bean BunN/A
6Nature’s ProvidenceCutscene

Once you’re done trading, save your game and head south toward the guard for a brief cutscene. Talk to the guard again and pick option #2—Pardon me. then get closer to trigger another cutscene and a subsequent boss battle. Shifu will fight alone but just like before, this battle is not tough. There are more enemies, but Wise Fox’s Grace is a pbAoE (hits multiple targets in your proximity). Clean up the trash and pick your next choice carefully. Pick option #2—I’m afraid I must decline… and then option #1—Well, if you insist… to recruit the Nervous Youth. With that out of the way, head back to the Mount Aspiration crossroad so we can pick the final Eastern path we saved for last and arrive at Yunfa Market.

Yunfa Market

Just like before, there are no items to loot here. Proceed North through the street for a cutscene. Try to talk to the person blocking your path and it will lead to a choice. Option #1 results in you paying money in lieu of the criminal, and option #2 results in a battle. I chose the battle. This boss will have the most HP out of the 3 enemies you’ve faced so far but it’s straightforward nonetheless. At some point, simply seal the boss’ Martial Arts with Tiger and Dragon’s Rebuke or Wise Fox’s Grace and then the rest is history. If you want to minimize getting hit, utilize your pushing and retreating abilities so the boss wastes moves closing the gap. Once the battle has concluded, we automatically recruit our final disciple. Talk to the townsfolk for a few rewards.

1Elderly ManNortheast – East of HoiPorcelain Bowl
2Elderly WomanNorthwest – South of HoiPork Bun
3Elderly ManNear Entrance – beside Apple cartRed Bean Bun

Head back to Shifu’s Cottage once you’ve collected your rewards.

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