Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town – Tips and Tricks

I noticed that there doesn’t seem to really be any tips and strategies on here so I figured I would help with what I got. I have been playing on the normal mode and have a decent way to getting my farm and tools up. Hope this helps another player.

Tips and Tricks

Spring (Year #1)

So for those who don’t know the harvest goddess give you many things if you leave her a gift daily by throwing it into her spring, well when starting fresh you may not know what to get her.

My suggestion is simple: the flowers you forage are great as they aren’t worth much and can be put in the cabinet in your house for later.

With that it’s good to sell what else you can and try to get a bag expansion and some seeds.

Cucumber is a MUST as it regrows and if you put 10 (1 a day for 10 days) into the lake with the mine in the middle Kappa will give you a blue power berry which will help you work in bad weather without too much issue.

in clearing your farm you may notice grass growing leave it to expand but put up a wood fence so it doesn’t go out of control.

Also mining is good to do, best way to do it to start is to save when you get in and then hunt for the stairs and reload to save stamina so you can get to level 10 or lower. I went with 10 as you can get all the good stuff there and below. With this you can ship some of what you get but save Orihalcum as you can turn it into broaches for money with about 700g profit, though it takes 1,000g to make it’s worth it.

Spring derby, you will want to have save a good bit of money for this. So there is 3 races and year one you can’t race in it but that’s okay. Save before you enter the festival then go watch the races, jot down the winners and the winnings x(number) then leave after the 3rd race and reload. You now how what you need to win your bets. Now put your money on whatever will give you the most andput all you can on them. Then it’s time to put those medals to use get broaches, get as many as you can then leave and ship them. The next time Zach gets them boom you got some NICE MONEY! I did it not the best and went from 500g to like 5-6,000g so I know it works.

Some good ways to spend money from spring derby:

  • Oh and I found it good to get one of each type of tree for honey and fruit. As it helps with money and you don’t have to feed them. They are 1,000g a pop from Gotts.
  • You can get some seeds for year as well as get some pineapple seeds for money later.
  • Upgrade your tools, xetra.

Summer (Year #1)

Farm a good bit this season both for money as well as corn for chick feed later.

Good to cut wood as it’s a good idea to maybe upgrade your coop and house if possible.

Slightly Bigger House

  • 150 lumber
  • 50 material stone
  • 3000g


  • 350 lumber
  • 200 material stone
  • 5000g



Slightly Bigget House

  • 150 Lumber
  • 50 Material stone
  • 3,000g


  • 350 Lumber
  • 200 Material stone
  • 5,000g


  • 400 Lumber
  • 250 Material stone
  • 6,800g

Town Villa

  • 999 Lumber
  • 999 Material stone
  • 10,000,000g


  • Lumber – 50g
  • Material stone – 50g
  • Apple Tree – 1,000g
  • Grape Tree – 1,000g
  • Orange Tree – 1,000g
  • Clock – 2,000g
  • Big Cabinet – 5,000g
  • LCD TV – 5,000g
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