Superhot: Mind Control Delete – Beginners Guide

For anyone who needs serious help.

Meet the .core Files

more.core (Formerly endurance.core) Starts with 3 health instead of 2. Starter.

Unique hacks: 4hp.hack (gain 1 extra health) and 5hp.hack (gain another 1 health)

charge.core (the dog mind) Can charge at foes unless carrying a loaded gun. Kills in 2 punches.

Unique hacks: recharge.hack (killing reduces cooldown) and chainchrg.hack (can charge repeatedly)

hotswitch.core (our last protagonist) Can hotswitch with foes, gaining their body but losing weapons.

Unique hacks: perfswitch.hack (doesnt lose guns on switch) and chainswitch.hack (its just chainchrg)

recall.core (the ninja) Can call a katana to your hand, dealing damage as it flies. Starts with one, too.

Unique hacks: piercethrow.hack (tossing blade pierces) and flwrecall.hack (recall bounces at foes)

Weaponry and How to Wield It

Pistol: A simple common handgun. Fires a single, decently accurate shot. Useful for most in-game foes.

Contains 5 bullets by default.

Shotgun: A double-barrel shotgun. Fires a spread of wildly inaccurate shots. Useful against moving targets.

Contains 2 shells by default. Can be used as a club when out of ammo.

Burst Rifle: A rapid-fire rifle. Fires a burst of 3-4 bullets with no cooldown. Useful against multiple targets.

Contains 11 bullets (3 bursts) by default.

Sniper Rifle: A futuristic-looking gun. Fires an insanely fast, piercing bullet. Useful for long range targets, or ones lined up.

Contained 3 bullets by default. Said shots can be re-used as throwables.

Katana: A very quick blade. Can slice foes in half, or reflect projectiles. Useful for camping or against close targets.

Has unlimited durability.

Throwables: Anything else in the map. Throwing these, a broken melee, or an empty gun will stun an enemy, allowing time to grab their weapon or finish them off with your fists.

Melee weapons: Basically the katana, but more common, having a varying durability (about 3 swings), and a higher cooldown.

Red Guys, Now with Variety!

Typical: The most common enemy in the game, no special attributes. Kill them however you want, it shouldn’t make much of a difference.

Red Gun: These enemies have guns stuck to their body that cannot be dropped, making stuns less effective and preventing you from getting their weapon outside of unusual circumstances.

Concrete: All but one part of their body is made of the same concrete as the ground, making it impossible to kill them outside of their “weak spot” without abilities or hacks.

Exploding: Killing this foe will make them burst with projectiles, the direction of which is indicated by their spikes. Punching them will knock them down before they explode, but you should still use a gun.

dog.mind: Only seen late-game, this canine-headed foe will charge you down with an almost guaranteed hit unless you are airborne, behind cover, or far away. Completely invincible.

nindza.mind: Only seen late game, this angry warrior will either toss its katana at you, or call it back to its hand. One can dodge the spinning blade by sidestepping. Also invulnerable.

addict.mind: The last late-game enemy, this foe will behave like a generic red guy. Every so often, it will HOTSWITCH with you, taking your weapon and using it against you. Cannot be killed either.

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