Starship Troopers: Extermination – How to Be a Good Refinery Operator

This guide tells you how to be an efficient operator when using a refinery.

The Secret Behind Efficiency

When you are an operator at a refinery and an ore canister is ready to be picked up, do not pick it up!

We all know you want to put the canister in your backpack badly but try to control yourself for a second.

Instead of grabbing that canister right away, restart the refinery right away!

Then once the refinery starts the process of making another canister for you to carry, only then you should grab the ready canister to put in your backpack.

Remember, restart refinery first then grab canister, easy as pie!

Never waste everyones time by grabbing the ready canister first!

Your tiny ore filled brain never thinks about what happens when you pick up the canister first instead of restarting the refinery, so I will tell you.

First you waste everyones time when they could get to other objectives faster.

Second all that wasted time can accumulate to 5 to 10 seconds lost PER canister. So if you multiply this by 4 since the refinery can only make 4 canisters before entering cooldown, I know its hard but try to keep up, it means that in the long run we lost 20 to 40 seconds minimum! Which can give enough time for the game to spawn more bugs at your refinery team, which adds more chances of you failing to bring back all canisters or even defending the refinery.

Third it lets you bring the ore back to base faster, 20 to 40 seconds can make all the difference in base building when the game decides to spawn a big ambush at the base.

Extra Tips

We know how much you love to put your grabby operator hands on those canisters but naughty naughty, do not pick a second canister unless you are about to leave the refinery with it. Otherwise you end up leaving it on the floor which leaves it vulnerable to be destroyed by bugs.

We all know how you love spamming your noobtube to kill bug packs surrounding the refinery, BAD! bad operator!, canisters can explodes from your noobtube, all it takes is one blowing up and they all blow up!

The only times you should put your greasy paws on a second canister is when you know that the bugs will destroy the refinery, so move them to a safe place on the side, make use of that fast carrying speed efficiently for once!

Do not drop your second canister just to kill drones and blow up your canister in the process silly! You can 1hit them with melee.

Always carry 2 canisters if you can, you are much faster than even a hunter carrying these things, make yourself useful! and dont be selfish thinking only about yourself carrying only 1 canister in your backpack for your own survival!

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