Starship Troopers: Extermination – Rocket Science for Rocket Launcher

A weapon to end the bug infestation on Valaka? Stay tune to find out more about the Federation newest weapon!

Rocket Launcher Guide

Fed ED brought the latest news from the front!

FED NET is live broadcasting from planet Valaka, a mining colony being targeted by the Arachnid as they seeks to undermine the industry and the war effort.

Unfortunate for the bug, the brave men and women of Deep Space Vanguard are there to prevent the bug infestation from spreading further.

And the only thing that match the bravery of ours trooper is the new Rocket Launcher. The bug may have number, but they are hopeless against mankind ingenuity!

As Sergeant Blue said : ” With this thing you can make many kind of shrimp dishes just by shoving rocket into theirs butt, and shrimp is the bug of the sea. ” We haven’t been able to contact Sergeant Blue but we can be sure, as a good citizen, he will always be on the frontline, Good luck out there troopers!

We now switching to Terran Command high above the orbit and learn more about this wonder weapon.

The In and Out of Rocket Launcher

Be hold the wonder weapon

The M56 Rocket launcher is a powerful weapon that hold 3 rocket in its magazine capable of clearing a horde of Bug or quickly gun down armored bug, leaving no dust and hopefully no surviving bug behind. Each troopers carry 12 warheads by default but can have 15 with Magazine Bandolier perk.

Where to get one?

Terran Command believe ours troopers will successfully carry out theirs mission so the rocket launcher won’t be issued in standard load out, however if they deems the situation is critical, the launcher will be delivered on site.

Always look out for Repairing the generator or Defend the beacon mission, designated in Green Color. Tedious as they may be, but upon completion ours troopers will receive a box containing Rocket Launcher on site.

Who are authorized to use?

As of now, trooper designated as HUNTER in Brimstone company have the highest priority to pick up the launcher, if none in combat duty in the vicinity, an Operator should grab it. And in regrettable scenario in which none of those two available, a Bastion will be allowed to use.

Important! Ours troopers are required to switch to theirs secondary before initiate the sequence so as to keep theirs primary firearm.

How to use

  • HUNTER need to bring theirs own Ammo Fabricator along to replenish warhead on site.
  • Utilizing the Jet boost, they can reach high ground, ideally Air control Tower which can withstand against bug attack and provide height advantage to rain down rockets on the approaching Bugs.
  • Ours Scientist have made sure the warhead pack enough explosive to destroy a group of Warrior bugs, however, to maximize the tactical advantage, the launcher should be use on Gunner bugs Tiger Elite and Grenadier bugs as they pose serious threat to Valaka ‘s industrial infrastructures.
  • During the extraction phase, HUNTER are expected to provide fire support, clearing the way for theirs brother and sister in arm as there are report of Bug ambushing ours troopers on the way to extraction Zone.
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