SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated – How to Beat Robot Sandy

How to Beat Robot Sandy (Boss Fight)

Your task is to fight and defeat Robot Sandy in King Neptune’s arena, a spectacle not seen since The Ultimate Cook-Off! Robot Sandy has three stages comprised of three hitpoints each, as indicated by the coloured lines on her health bar.

Phase #1

Round 1 begins with SpongeBob. Her opening move depends on where you are. If you’re close, she’ll do a fast karate chop that’s almost impossible to avoid. If you’re further away, she’ll tap her elbow twice while her aim is shown on the floor: move away from it to avoid her elbow slam!

After this Robot Sandy will finish with a ground pound on your position that, if you’re out of the way, will spring you into the air. Robot Sandy will now be vulnerable for a few seconds, so run over and Bubble-Bounce next to her to deal some damage!

Repeat this process two more times to move on to Round 2.

Phase #2

Round 2 has you switch over to Patrick. Robot Sandy will once again open with an elbow drop/karate chop to avoid. Her next move will be a new one: throwing herseft into the ring’s ropes, after which she’ll spring across the arena with her legs outstretched. You’ll want to Double Jump over that!

After this Robot Sandy will do another ground pound as in Round 1, so Belly Flop next to her. This will now cause her head to fly off: run over and pick it up, then throw it into the fallen scoreboard at the edge of the ring to deal damage. Repeat this twice more to move on to Round 3!

Phase #3

The third and final round will be much like Round 2: an elbow drop/karate chop followed by a ring rope spring. The catch is that the ring rope spring will now have both the legs and arms extended! To pass through, use a well-timed Double Jump to thread between the springs.

The ground pound will also be different. Bubble-Bounce near the tail as you’ve done before, then go around to the front of Robot Sandy. She’ll hold her head out, allowing you to Bubble Bash it from below to deal damage.

Damage Sandy three more times and you’ll be given Golden Spatula #1, as well as unlock the Bubble Bowl move and Upper Conch Street! You will not however become Neptune’s personal frycook, thank goodness.

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