SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated – How to Beat Larry’s Time on Sand Mountain

Some shortcuts for finishing the race within the 2 minute mark and getting the 8th Golden Spatula of the level.

I had already done the race so the timer no longer shows but this is the path i took. Overall should be less than the 2 minute limit.

How to Beat Larry’s Time

Go down the path normally and you get to the the turn at 00:11, don’t turn and instead jump directly forward, skipping the spiral section.

After the swaying platforms, bounce off the Springboard (00:29) to the upper path.

And drop a sandball with the big red button.

Once through the tunnel…

The sandball with create a hole in the cliff for a, making a shortcut (00:50). Jump through that…

Keep going until you see the two arrows that diverges the path (01:20) and take the right lane…

Follow the path and on the second jump (01:33)…

Jump off and move to the left hand side in order to avoid continuing on spiral path…

01:37, jump onto that left hand side path where there are a bunch of tikis…

For the faster path and keep following the route to the finish line.

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