Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove – How to Complete Hurry Up (Speedrun) Achievement Easier

You’re not a speedrunner, but still want that 100% completion? Well, this guide is for you.

Hurry Up (Speedrun) Achievement Guide

Note: Credit goes to Triff.

So, how to do it?

I’ll try to explain as short as possible. I expect that you’ve already completed the game at least once, by now. Since the requirement is to complete the game below 1:30:00, and you can just quit mid-game, you can do this easily.

Note: This guide might be considered as cheating. Maybe.


  • Have at least two free save slots, one for the speedrun itself, one for the speedrun backup (important!)
  • Try to complete the stage that you’re going to do on a completed save file, as fast as possible.
  • Now, do it on the speedrun save file.
  • Done? Did the stage? Okay, now here’s the important part. Remember that the game STILL ALLOWS YOU to complete the achievement if you’re quitting halfway through the game, so…
  • First, go back to menu whenever you completed a stage.
  • Second, see that save file where you attempted the speedrun? (I’ll use this save file as an example.)
  • Copy it to an empty save file or save file you’re not using at all.
  • (For example, I’ll copy to this empty save file. Confirm it.)
  • (Save file copied.)
  • Done copying? Good. maybe you’re asking, “What’s that for”? Well, in case you made a mistake on your speedrun, you can restart the speedrun from the last save, by copying the speedrun backup to the failed speedrun. This way, you can retry the same stage everytime you want.

What if I want to retry the stage?

Let’s make an example, you’re going to complete Propeller Knight’s stage, but you’ve lost a lot of your time on that stage alone because you fell.

What are you going to do is…

  • Have that speedrun backup save file? Copy it first.
  • Then, overwrite that failed speedrun save file.
  • Now, retry that stage, and do the stage as fast as possible! If you failed again, do step 1 and 2.
  • Don’t forget to make a new speedrun backup file (or overwrite it) everytime you completed a stage!

That’s it!

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