Coffee Shop Tycoon – Achieve Golden Bean: Beginner’s Guide

Starting Your Cafe

  • Buy 1 basic grinder, 1 brewer, airpots at least 2, order coffee beans 1 pound, order 1 crate food.
  • Hire an employee barista.
  • Brew the coffee beans that you ordered by clicking the brewer.
  • Click add food (there is a plus sign at the pastry stand).
  • Decorate the interiors of the cafe you will see the progress that you need to achieve at the left side.
  • Open your cafe when you finished brewing the coffee.

How to Order Coffee and Food

  • Click manager.
  • Click supply.
  • Order coffee beans/food.

Running the Cafe

  • You can use fast forward when everything is good and you are used to brewing, ordering food.
  • Train your barista to add speed or service and reach level 4 to be able to pick specialization for them.
  • If the employee is not satisfied with the salary, a notification will pop up and tell you to increase the salary to boost his/her performance.
  • You should also make sure that you don’t order to much coffee and maintain good quality of coffee beans and food. It’s alright to throw your coffee if the quality is no longer good to prevent bad reviews.
  • Increase popularity of your cafe by clicking manager, then marketing choose among basic marketing or intermediate or advance to also attract more customers.
  • You should also manage your menus, click manager, drinks, then manage menus. In managing menus you can customize them based on the seasonality of the drinks.
  • If you ran out of brewed coffee, and ordering coffee takes too long, you can close your cafe but it will incur losses to your cafe.
  • Keep on earning more money, upgrading decor and reach popularity to until you achieve golden bean.
  • Before unlocking the second cafe, I recommend you save up to 100k.
  • Last but not the least, enjoy the game <3 It’s in early access but it exceeded my expectation already.
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