Settlement Survival – How to Deal with Over Population

How does one deal with over population. Your population has exploded and it isnt sustanible. Need some tips?

Guide to Deal with Over Population

Why Its Happens

Chances are you built a few too many houses at some point and didn’t watch your food numbers as they went up and down. Depending on what you actually have them gathering as food, there is also the factor of sending them out to gather plants too.

If you play it smart you can get to decent numbers without having to make too many gather/make food, but it is also possibly you just naturally went too fast.

What to Do

Don’t build anymore houses until you can support your current population. If you find immigrants, aprrove them (comes with a risk of diseases) so you have more workers to work the food, water and fuel industries. If you need your kids to become workers, don’t educate them so they can enter the workforce faster instead of spending time in school as students when they come of age. Just focus your workers on essential industries (food, water, fuel, medical, clothing) until your economy stabilises to support your population.

If that’s too much of a hassle, start a new game.

It depends on what part of your settlement is struggling based on the increased population. In some cases it could just be a matter of reallocating existing inhabitants, other cases you might need to increase resource gathering or item production.

The Production Overview and Data Chart (from the Statistics menu) can be helpful in determining what your yearly production, consumption and storage levels are. This can typically indicate where you need to focus more attention.

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  1. I don’t know how to get flax started so I can make clothes. I don’t have a seed for flax nor do I know what buildings I need. I have a tailors workshop. can you send a step by step instruction. wiki only gives very vague answers.

    • There’s 2 ways to get flax seeds that I know of.
      1. Gather in the spots on the map that have the seed icon and you might get flax. I find flax and agave to be very common from this source.
      2. If you’ve gathered all the seed spots on your map and still don’t have flax, you’ll need to buy it from a ferry. When you open your ferry there’s 3 tabs on top. You want the one that says orders. Scroll down and choose flax. It costs a lot so you’ll need to have unlocked the grocer in tech to sell stuff for silver.

      Now that you have your seed and are growing flax in a field you need to process it in a textile mill to turn it into linen. To unlock this building open your technology tree by pressing T and navigate to the processing tab and activate weaving. You can then build the textile mill and turn your flax into linen. Congrats!

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