Settlement Survival – Useful Tips and Tricks

Beginners Tips and Tricks

Early game tips

  • Year 1-2 get them through winter: shelter, water, food, fuel. Then replace & repair their clothes and tools.
  • First several years is to not run out of herbs.
  • Make sure you get production of tools and clothes under control relatively quickly.

Tips to progression

  • Advancing in the tech trees is crucial. Upgrading the fields with the 50 tools is a huge step as well. Making sure to replace your normal fields with Fertile Fields, and later Plantations is also required. Make sure to have enough animals in pastures to produce the dung to make fertilizer to boost plant yields too….
  • Make sure you have storage and houses close to the production areas.
  • Try to locate your initial settlement close to the field resource buff area for literally double the output of your field in the zone.

How to increase birth rate at beginning

A child will grow up to 4 years old a year. The fertility rate will not be a problem in the early stage. It is unlikely that a three-year-old newborn will return to adulthood. Just wait a little longer.

How to earning coins

Use the grocery store to sell your excess goods. It will generate silver over time. Try selling at the ferry. Requires a quay. It’s a large structure that must be installed partially over land and partially over water.

Seeds and animals from ferry

The order tab at the top of the Ferry page, allows you to make orders and pick any item in the game you want. But you pay a much higher price for orders.

Herb building location

On the far right side of agriculture.

How to demolish things

Type 0. The first option/icon allows to destroy buildings. Drag it over the building you wish to demolish. The Builders will put it in their queue (it’s not instantaneous).

Sub zero temperature

It is the disaster of a blizzard, you can pay more attention to the information prompt on the left. You need to prepare a down jacket to deal with it.

How to speed up the immigrants frequency or quantity after build the townhall

There is a mayor’s effect that can shorten the interval between arrivals of immigrants.

No production limit of well water

There is no well at present. But keep an eye on your water reserves and simply adjust the number of workers assigned to water production to increase or decrease the amount. Your town will go through water pretty quickly, so if you stop producing it, the reserves will decrease rapidly and free up your storage space. Also you can get around this by creating a separate outdoor warehouse beside each well and setting them to only allow water. Then I turned off water storage on the rest of my warehouses.

Could the acquiring of leather through hunting be more efficient?

Increasing the number of hunter rest stops can increase output. But it will take up some space.

How to heal Injuries

You need to produce a bandage to heal quickly. Before that, the treatment will take longer.

Problem with murders

Churches, theaters, brewing workshops, sweets, etc. can all be solved. There will be no crime to improve happiness for a long time.

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