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Paradise Lost 2 Guide


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Orb & Portals Phase

In the Orb & Portals phase, move each character to the sides. An orb will chase them and the other character has to take the hit. A light gate shows up in a corner and shoots a thin line, then a big blast. After that, a dark gate appears in the other corner. It also shoots a thin line, and that line becomes the safe spot. Everything else gets hit. The orbs also get smaller. Move the characters to the middle and take each other’s orb hits.

Next, move the characters to the edges. The boss will do a big slash and blast, like before. At the same time, the light gate will hit twice.

The first dark gate hit happens around the same time as the second big slash. Quickly move into the line the dark gate made to avoid the next hit.

Grand Stream

Now put your characters next to the boss so you can see them well. This starts the Grand Stream part.

Pay attention to where the first and second knockbacks point and what color they are. Drop the opposite color meteor there. Also see if the third knockback with two colors sends the same color in the same or opposite direction as the second knockback.

The characters will have dark or light meteors above them. The meteors will hit right after the knockbacks, while the boss is doing big slashes again. So the meteors need to be placed at the edges and across from each other, close to the wall.

For the first meteor, put the dark one where the knockback pointed and the light one on the other side. For the second meteor, put the light one where that knockback pointed and the dark one on the other side.

Get ready for the first knockback. Take both characters to where it starts. If done right, one will get knocked into the meteor they need. The boss will also do a big slash. Heal while you do this.

Then move them to the start of the second knockback. Be quick and careful not to get confused about where to go.

Finally, the boss will do a dark or light ray. Stack north or south of the boss so the characters are together but on different sides. The knockbacks happen when the ray starts. If a character is on the wrong side, they’ll hit the wall. If they’re in the right spot, they won’t move.

If the third knockback had the same direction as the second, switch sides. If they were different, stay on that side as you group up.

Lastly, do Wings of the Fallen like in Paradise Lost 1. I like to put the Paladin left and Archer right, then check the Paladin. If the Paladin has Light Mark, face both up. If Dark Mark, face both down.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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