Little-Known Galaxy – Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Basic Strategy


To upgrade your equipment and ship, you need credits. The best way to get credits is by farming. To farm, you need to build planters and solar panels to power them. When you start the game, focus on getting the tools to build solar panels, planters, and farm crops.

Building Solar Panels

Solar panels need scrap metal, recycled parts, and hardware parts. You can get these by using the restoration ray on boxes and damage on the Captain’s Deck and exterior deck. Clear these out first, then quickly build as many solar panels as you can and install them on the exterior deck. As you build more planters, keep making more solar panels.

Building Planter Boxes

When you can explore the planet, spend time on the first level digging and mining boulders. This is good because there are no enemies, so you won’t waste energy fighting them. Boulders give you scrap metal for solar panels and planters, stone for furnaces, space radishes to reach the highest waypoint, and soil samples for planter boxes. Collect these resources in large amounts. Make around 42 planter boxes to start. Set them up in two 3×7 grids with a lane in the middle to stand in. Collect and sell pet rocks for extra cash to buy seeds early on. To get more resources, collect everything on the first level, fly to the relic, and then fly back to reset the level.

Seeding / Watering / Harvesting

In the beginning, focus on farming to get more credits. Make as many planters as you can and spend all your credits on soybean seeds. Keep buying soybean seeds until you have 42. Then, save enough credits to buy another 42 seeds and only spend the profit. This will keep you going through the game. On new planets, find similar profitable crops to farm.

The two 3×7 planter grids let you stand in the middle and water them efficiently. Click to water, then move the cursor while watering to click the next spot as soon as the backpack disappears. Upgrade your watering backpack to water more spots at once. For harvesting, stand in the middle, harvest, and then collect any missed crops.

Mining / Shooting / Clearing Exploration Areas

After setting up your farm, focus on the exploration areas. Upgrade your blaster and shovel first. The upgraded blaster can destroy boulders in one hit, and the upgraded shovel can dig two spots at once. With these upgrades and at least ten radishes, you can try to clear five exploration levels in one day. Wake up, water your crops, and then go to the exploration area. Some days, the waypoint beacon appears faster, making it a good day to reach the next waypoint.

Usually, blast all the enemies in an area before digging for the beacon. Sometimes, just clear the digging spots and start digging right away. There are more digging spots than boulders, so focus on those. Dig until you find a beacon, then use it to go to the next area. You rarely need to blast boulders after digging everything. Still, boulders can have beacons, so blast them while your shovel is upgrading. Grind the first level when your equipment is being upgraded. The reward for clearing an exploration area is 100 scrap metal, which isn’t very useful, but rewards on other planets are better. You also complete a mission, which has benefits.

To shoot enemies, move to one side of the map and place the cursor in the direction you want to shoot. Click the mouse button to shoot. This is important to avoid getting hurt by enemies. If you die, you lose progress in the exploration area and have less stamina the next day, so don’t try again that day.

Preparing for Interstellar Travel

Early on, you collect a lot of “dark matter” from clearing garbage. You can sell it for credits, but later you’ll need it for dark matter fuel to travel between planets. Once you build a dark matter fuel refiner, stop selling dark matter and constantly convert it into fuel. Having two dark matter reactors is good. Feed them any dark matter you collect and save the fuel. Once you have 10 or more fuel, put them in the engine room hopper to fly to another planet. A more efficient reactor becomes available later, but it’s not necessary to finish the game.

Planning Your Day / Basic Stamina Management

Stamina runs out quickly, and if you push too hard, you’ll pass out and lose the rest of the day. Don’t eat radishes or buy food unless you’re using them for exploration areas. When you’re out of stamina, either do things that don’t require it or go to sleep. There’s no penalty for sleeping early. Things you can do without stamina include talking to crew members, collecting items on the ship, or using the microbe locator. To progress in dating, talk to the crew member you like and give them gifts every day. Talking also gives you captain points.

The microbe locator is like fishing. It can be frustrating, but it gives captain points and some extra credits. With the normal difficulty and first locator, you mostly walk around without finding microbes. Once you find one, the mini-game is almost unwinnable at standard difficulty, so wait until you have the best locator to focus on it. Finding microbes isn’t essential for the first four main missions. If it’s too frustrating, turn the mini-game off in the menu.

The only way to increase stamina is through a life spark. You can buy it on friendship day or after clearing an exploration area on the blue planet or white planet cluster. Take advantage of these opportunities to increase your stamina.


The Grey Planet

In the first episode, focus on building a strong economy and clearing the exploration area. Upgrade your blaster and shovel first, then the other tools.

When you’re ready to move on, blast the boulders to the left of the relic area and enter the cave. You’ll find an alien who needs help. Grow the food they need, buy the required food item, and give it to them to get the first relic piece. This gives you the coordinates to the next planet. Have a meeting and learn to process dark matter fuel before you can go.

Before leaving, stockpile at least 60 extra aluminum ore for the next planet’s mission. It’s harder to get there. Also, build at least two furnaces (using stone and scrap metal) for the next planet.

The Blue Reef Planet

On the blue planet, talk to the king-like person for the next mission. You need to grow:

  • 10 ginger plants
  • 14 vitamins (reduced in an update)

To make vitamins, you need a vitamin machine (12 aluminum blocks, 5 aluminum ore each) and copper (from copper ore). Grind the first exploration level for copper and aluminum, as there are fewer enemies. Buy the vitamin machine when you have enough resources. Use minerals to make vitamins. Extra vitamins can replace radishes for exploration. Keep making vitamins with any extra minerals. After getting the next relic piece, return to the Grey planet, insert the piece, and travel to the Desert planet. Stockpile scrap steel, copper, and at least 3 pink shells before leaving. Later, copper and copper ore will be valuable. Once you complete the main mission and clear the exploration area, you can leave. Clearing the exploration area rewards you with an item that increases stamina.

The Desert Planet

On the Desert planet, meet Hermy the crab. Your mission is to make:

  • 25 scrap steel cubes
  • 12 silver
  • 10 burlap fabric

Growing jute and making fabric takes the most time. Plant jute and gather the following for a fabric machine:

  • 50 scrap metal
  • 6 copper
  • 4 silver

Build two machines to speed up production. Grind the first level for scrap metal and silver before attempting the exploration area. Upgrade your blaster and shovel to clear the exploration area easier. The upgraded blaster’s charged shot clears more than one grass spot, making it easier to defeat enemies. After completing the main mission and clearing the area, stockpile copper ore since it’s unavailable on the next planet and needed for missions and machines. Then, head back to the Grey planet. There, stockpile aluminum ore, which is unavailable on the next planet and needed for machines. Don’t refine the ore until needed, just in case. Once you’ve finished the mission, stockpiled resources, and cleared the exploration area, go to the Grey planet and then the next planet cluster.

The Snow Cluster

The main mission here is to grow crops and bake blueberry muffins. Upgrade your quarters if you haven’t already. You need:

  • 8 squash
  • 1 bouquet of flowers
  • 4 blueberry muffins
  • 10 cotton fabric

Fabric takes the most time. Grow at least 10 cotton and process them as soon as possible. Plant 6-8 squash (you often get more than one) and at least 4 blueberries. Focus on upgrading your quarters. Buy 4 sugar and 4 flour for the muffins when you have extra money. Buy the bouquet from the plaza store. Give everything to the snow person to get the next coordinates. Stockpile aluminum ore for machines and silver ore (unavailable on the next planet) for upgrades.

Lava Lakes Planet

Here, pirates ask for:

  • 8 irradiated peppers
  • 2 irradiated pineapple
  • 12 titanium
  • 3 nanobots
  • 5 Neptunian ale

The easiest is the 5 Neptunian ale, purchased from Chip at the Plaza canteen. Lin explains how to make outer space planters. The hard part is getting carbon nanotubes. Keep any graphite you find for the planters. You also need a nanotube machine:

  • 10 scrap metal blocks
  • 10 gold
  • 10 recycled parts
  • 4 electro plasma

Don’t sell electro plasma, as it’s rare and needed for building. Buy graphite from the robot store on Saturdays. If you can’t afford it, get a xeno that makes graphite or grind the first level of the Lava Lakes exploration area. Graphite rarely drops from stone monsters that appear about 1/3 of the time. Collect mushrooms, lava flowers, gold, and titanium ore nodes. Titanium is straightforward. Nanobots are the hardest, obtained from the microbe (fishing) mini-game. Upgrade your microbe detector to the highest level before attempting this. With the upgraded detector, it’s easier on normal mode. Nanobots are green, and the upgraded detector shows a wider field of view and the nanobot variety in the area, reducing randomness. I got all three nanobots in 2 in-game days with the fully upgraded detector on normal mode. Give all the items to the pirates for the last heart piece. Return to the Grey planet, insert it into the singularity, and enjoy the end of the story!

Useful Tips

The jetboard upgrade from the dock shop speeds up travel in the ship.

The store bot on the right side dock on Saturdays sells copper at a reasonable price. Copper is needed for upgrades and becomes harder to get later. Stockpile copper ore at the Blue Reef and Desert planets or buy it from the store bot.

You don’t need to fully upgrade your captain’s deck or build many outer space planters to finish the game.

The recommended setup is:

  • 2 carbon converters
  • 2 fabric spinners
  • 2 dark matter fuel refiners
  • 2 asteroid crushers
  • 8 furnaces

A xeno habitat can boost your economy later but needs stockpiled plant matter. Sell duplicate xenos and keep random xeno eggs to get all four types for variety. Check on incubating eggs daily and examine them as soon as they crack to hatch them immediately.

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    • The first 21 days are the demo. Approximately two to three hours, based on the type of play.

  1. Additionally, after a certain number of donations, you unlock the museum and get paid after clearing the third planet, the Desert one. Thus, save your gems, artifices, and micros; you will only require one of each.

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