Age of Empires Mobile – Signet Ring System Guide

Signet Ring System Introduction

Unlock conditions (for beta, subject to change): At Milestone 15, and when your citadel reaches Lv.18, the signet ring system will be unlocked.

Function: Equipping a hero with a signet ring enhances their attributes and grants them additional skills.

  • Signet rings have base attributes and skill effects. Upgrading them improves these attributes or effects.
  • Common base attributes include troop attack bonus, troop defense bonus, troop health bonus, skill damage bonus, commander damage bonus, and troop’s damage taken reduction.

Signet ring qualities: rare, epic, and legendary.

Upgrade materials:

  • Fine Gold: Use to upgrade legendary signet rings, enhancing their attributes or skill effects.
  • Silver Sand: Use to upgrade epic signet rings, enhancing their attributes or skill effects.
  • Copper Sand: Use to upgrade rare signet rings, enhancing their attributes or skill effects.

How to obtain signet ring related items: Obtain signet ring upgrade materials from the Apex Arena store or the Fine Craft event to upgrade signet rings.

Signet rings can be obtained from the Fine Craft event. The rules are as follows:

  • The event will be permanently open after the signet ring system unlocks.
  • During the event, consume planishing hammers for crafting. Each craft grants a random reward. View the prize pool details for reward odds.
  • Planishing hammers can be obtained from packs or purchasing at the VIP store with empire coins.
  • Use jeweler’s marks to exchange for rewards in the Jeweler’s Collection. Signet ring rewards can be exchanged only once, and signet ring upgrade material rewards refresh weekly.
  • Crafting feedback progress rewards are reset weekly. Please collect them in time.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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