Ranch Simulator – How to Make a Lot of Money

This is a very simple guide on how to make money in the game to get you started.

Making Money

This is a quick and basic guide on how to make a lot of money in the game and you will need to purchase certain items first.

Hope this helps some people as i just made $45K doing this with a lorry full of pork sausages (Salami) with a 2x multiplier.

  • Step 1. After completing the tutorial do not bother with the chickens, sell both of them.
  • Step 2. Cut down trees to gather wood and turn them into planks you will need at least around 40 planks for the meat drying cabinets and more planks to create the large food and water feeders.
  • Step 3. Purchase 100x of metal, a pan pot, a manual meat grinder and a manual sausage maker (If you do not have enough money, you can hunt wild animals and then sell there meat).
  • Step 4. Build at least 2-3 meat drying cabinets somewhere and then build a large food and water feeder inside the old run down barn.
  • Step 5. Go to the general store and purchase a male and female pig, a water container and a ton of animal feed, Place the pigs inside of the run down barn and fill the feeders, after a few days they will grow into adults and will begin to breed, after a few more days the piglets will grow.

Over time the barn will fill up with pigs and once they are really fat can either be left to die naturally or you can kill them, The really large fat pigs will give you around 20x of pork meat.

  • Step 6. Use the meat grinder and pan / pot to grind the meat down and then pick up the pan and add the meat to the sausage maker, Place the sausages into the drying closets.

This will make pork sausages (Salami), visit the burger place every morning to check the multipliers, wait until you get x1.9 or x2 multipliers offered for them and then sell them.


  1. If you want some nice starting money just do the Treasures of the Ancients Quest.
    Reward $2500.

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