Project Zomboid – Basic Mechanics to Help You Survive

So, you want to survive from the zeds eh? Well then, this guide is for you!

Basic Mechanics

The Basics

Let me start off with saying, there is no way to win. It comes pretty hard to a lot of people, but its true. The goal of the game, is to survive as long as possible.

Picking Traits

Whatever traits you want is up to you. It depends on your play style. Do you like combat? Pick the veteran role. Like building? Play the carpenter role. Whatever traits and professions you fancy, go with.

Spawning In

When you spawn in, there will be 0 zombies in the building, so no need to worry. However, keep in mind zombies can enter whenever they see you, so be careful. When looting, go to the tv (if possible) and tune into the channel “Life and Living” for some free xp while you loot. Be sure not to take canned food, as it lasts forever and its pretty heavy. Also, avoid fighting large numbers of zombies, as you probably don’t have a decent weapon yet.

Finding a Car (Optional, But Recommended)

The next step is to find a faster way of transportation other than your 2 clumsy legs. Search for cars that look in good condition, once you find one get in the driver seat, if you are using the Criminal profession then hot-wire it, if not search the glove compartment for the key. If no key is found, then repeat this process.

Finding a Base

Once and if you find a car, head to the outskirts of you chosen town, find a suitable house or other building, and clear the zeds that are in/around it. If you have planks, nails, and a hammer, you can board up the windows. Furnish you base to your hearts content, and you have your very own base.

Extra Tips

  • You can loot police stations to get firearms and ammunition.
  • Fire Stations Have Axes and other useful tools.
  • You can siphon gas from other cars.
  • Using wood and ripped sheets, you can create a campfire kit.
  • Using a stick, and a knife you can create a spear, a strong weapon.
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