Paragon: The Overprime – TwinBlast Duo Lane


  • Starting Items: most of the games you should start with red dekima gem and health pots. If the enemies don’t have a ranged supporter, and overall a lot of melee heroes you can start with a refill. Black dekima is only good if your enemy is not able to trade with you(melees, caster, everything with low base damage or that can’t hit you from afar). Against other Rangers you definetly need red gem for the extra damage while trading.
  • Core Item Set: Start by buying Witch’s Vial or Marauder’s Watch (or worst case Fanatics Dessert) depending on the meta (item changes) and the enemies, if they are all tanky, go Marauder’s, if not go Witch’s. Next get Electric Stone. It will help you farm a lot. After that normally you want to go Treasured Sword of the Kingdom. If you already need Armor Pen and the Enemies are not tanky buy Dekima Cannon. Are they tanky and do have armor, buy Setar Chainsaw and afterwards the Sword.
  • End Game: In the endgame you should have your 3 core items (Marauders or Witchs, electric Stone and Treasured Sword of the Kingdom). Now the other items depend on the Enemy Team, normally you should get at least 1 Armor Pen Item, most of the time it will be Setar Chainsaw as forth and as fifth go anything that you need, i recommend to go a defensive item, either Osyne’s holy water or some lifesteal or shield item. At last upgrade your gemstone. If the enemies don’t have a lot of catch and you don’t need the extra mobility you can go for some extra damage with Merchants Jewelery Box, Dekima Cannon, Frenderas Flask or something else. If you really do need more Damage still you can replace the electric Stone, but it gives you some nice mixed damage and a lot of damage overall later in the game due to the procs.

Skills in Order

  • Max your Q as early as possible it is your poking and trading tool as well as making you get kills by slowing the enemies
  • At level 1 skill Q then depending on the enemies E(if you need to get away) or RMB(if you want to trade more effective by getting an auto reset with RMB) and at level 3 the one missing.
  • After your Q is maxed max out your RMB as you will have it maxed at around level 13 and by then you should already have quite a lot of dmg by auto attacking.
  • At last you max your E(only case if you max it before your RMB is when your enemies have a lot of grabbing skill shots like grux pull, phase pull, if it’s only 1 pull don’t max it before the other abilities)
  • Use your ult to either secure kills, similar to murdock ult or use it to start a fight, since you have a longer range and can keep a safe distance, so it’s harder for your enemies to get close to you
  • Save your E primarily to dodge skillshots, you normally don’t need it for chasing, since you have your slow with your grenades if an enemy tries to escape.

Gameplay Tips

  • In fights do not go in first and fight front to back. So always hit the first enemy you see and don’t move forwards into the enemies but stay behind your team and close to your support to help you.
  • If the enemies have asssassins like kallari or countess, pay special attention to them and try to lead with your ultimate instead in order to get some damage in before they can focus you.
  • Do not greed for kills instead, push out the closest wave and recall to get your items and reach your powerspikes.
  • If you have 50% or less of your HP, be more careful about fighting in general.
  • Once you have 1 or 2 items try to be at every objective and don’t ever be alone, always stick with your team.
  • If you get an Objective and you’re low on HP, quickly recall and then pressure with your team, don’t be alone and don’t farm on your own somewhere, be active. The same applies if your team get’s a Kill and you still have all your key abilities up
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