Wooden Battles – Cheats

How to Cheat

Getting to the Files

Go to Wooden Battles and right click its name in the list or press the gear button and click on “Browse Local Files”.

Then, go to Wooden Battles_Data then missions, then conquest, then click on whichever slot you wanna edit.

Actually Editing Your Save

Don’t mind the horrible screenshots, i’m using the snipping tool.

To actually read some of them you will need to click on them.

Adding Points:

You wanna add some points so you can get some units?

So to add points, in your files scroll until you see:

Then, change the number to any number you want and you’ll get the points ingame!

Adding Tech Points:

To add tech points scroll to the top until you see:

And change the number to whatever you want, basically the same as adding cash or whatever it’s called.

Adding Armies and Units to Armies:

Now, time for one of the more complicated things.

Which really isn’t that complicated still.

Anyways, to add armies first build one army with 1 guy, then go into files and scroll till you see:

Now, you can select the entire line and then you can duplicate it to duplicate an army, delete it or other things, also, while we are here we can edit the units!

Those numbers right there are the amount of troops. To add units, you can just set the numbers to whatever you wish, but do be warned, big armies will lag you a lot.

I would say how to edit diplomacy, but i’ve never edited it. It seems simple, putting false for peace and true for war.

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