Outpost: Infinity Siege – How to Get The Goodies from Drones Early Game

How to Get The Goodies from Drones Early Game (Without Killing)

Check the map, and see if there’s a drone spawn location (Pic #1, see the drone on the roof). So far, I’ve seen 2, a Destroyed one and a Working one. The picture is a destroyed one, it looks like a bunker. If you have the building, restart the map (Exit to main menu and then continue) to re-roll the chance for a drone.

Pic #1

Look carefully around the area. Is there a mountain? Anywhere you can jump from onto the roof? This is important. If there isn’t one you can reach without alerting the drone (reset the map if you do, you can rego it as much as you like) then you probably won’t be able to defeat it early game. They have a LOT of HP, and early game you can’t deal enough DPS to kill it quickly.

If there is a good spot to jump on (Pic #2) and you have double jump boots, then you should carefully scale it.

Pic #2

Once at the top, jump down onto the building and as quick as you can, grab the two Power Batteries (One on each side) and if you have enough time, grab the Care Package from the front.

That’s it!

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  1. It works! 120 power and a chance for gear, a gun, Xen, or rare resources from the Care Package just from doing it well.

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