Outlast – How to Be Immortal (God Mode)

Tired of dying in Outlast? Fear not! With this easy guide you will completely remove the survival horror experience and be able to walk around, free from enemies attempts to kill you.

Also… since you’ll be changing a game file you should make a backup copy of the file, before change it.

Immortal in Outlast

Finding the file…

The file that needs to be changed is “OLEnemy.ini”, with can be found in the follow directory…

  • C:\Users(USER NAME)\Documents\My Games\Outlast\OLGame\Config

Remember to create a backup copy of the file before change it.

How did I change the file…

This next part could be annoying… I’ve open the file with Notepad++ and use the shortcut “Ctrl+F” to open search.

I’ve searched for “damage=” to find the damage programing and manage to change all equal values to “damage=0”

I did this several times until all damages were equal to Zero…

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