Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp – Achievement Guide

Monster Camp Achievement Guide

Camp Scamp

Get a date to the meteor shower with any one of the six romantic interests. It has to be a normal success ending and not a secret ending. This sure was a great summer!

Camp Swamp

Get rejected by any one of the six romantic interests. Getting rejected is no fun, huh?

Camp Champ

Date all six romantic interests to the meteor shower. Look at you, you sly fox you!

Camp Cramp

Get rejected by all six romantic interests. Whoa. That’s just plain rotten luck right there.

Revealer of Secrets

Get a secret ending. Any secret ending will do.

Merchant of Secrets

Get half of the secret endings. About 12 or 13 secret endings should get you this achievement.

Master of Secrets

Get all of the secret endings. You’ve basically seen what the majority of what all players see in this game when you get this achievement.

Camp Experience

See half of the events in this game. Don’t stress about this achievement, you’ll get it eventually (no pun intended).

Summer Experience

See all of the events in this game. Gonna need to go on lots of runs just to see all of the events.

Life Experience

To get this achievement, you need to get EVERY. SINGLE. OUTCOME. Of EVERY single event in this game. Failures count as outcomes too. Hope you like drinking Poison at Juan’s.

Embrace Failure

Fail at an event. Like literally any event. Get used to it if you want the Life Experience achievement.

Special One

See all the Special Stuff in the game. You’ll get this easily as long as you just experiment with all the events, and it’ll come naturally with the Life Experience achievement.

Stay Hydrated

Drink all the drinks in this game. Cheers!

Love Yourself

At the end of a run, ask none of the romantic interests to the meteor shower. Make sure all your stats are very high, I’d suggest at least over 10 for each stat.

Big Furry Achievement

To get this achievement, you’ll need to be going after at least either Calculester, Joy, or Dahlia, and go to Scout HQ. an event will trigger with Coach giving a lecture on Bear Safety. When the Choices come up (either sticking fingers in each others’ ears or doing a Myer-Briggs test), fail either one of them, it will be revealed that you (yes, you, the player) is actually a bear in disguise, and you play the rest of the run as a bear, even going so far as to change the player name to “THE BEAR” and changing your monster to a bear.

Beware of Bears

Unmask all of the bears in this game. They sure are crafty, aren’t they?

Tomoni Ikou

Complete Dahlia’s Flask Genie route and hear this song. Omedetou Gozaimasu!

Pizza Forever

Get the Pizza drink at Juan’s and succeed at the events involving the Pizza Girl. Ask none of the romantic interests and you’ll go to the meteor shower with the Pizza Girl at the end.

Welcome to the Pizza Dimension

Encounter the Pizza versions of Joy and Milo. The easiest way to get this achievement is to get the event with Calculester, Joy and Milo at the lake with the Pizza Girl, and choose the poem choice (more Creativity than Boldness).

Interdimensional Squad

Go after Calculester, Joy, or Milo in a run. Keep going to the Lake until you run into all of them being bugged by the Pizza Girl. Choose the bottom choice (make sure your Boldness is higher than your Creativity). Get ready for an Avengers moment!


Get the Blender Smoothie at Juan’s and go to the meteor shower with any one of the romantic interests. How do you think the dev team thought this one up? It’s one of the most out-there endings in this game.

Multiverse Parenthood

To get this achievement, you simply need to finish Calculester’s Flask Genie route, but it’s not enough to just finish it once, you need to do it eight, yes eight, different times. Like all the secret ending routes, you will be given three events of a single story. In this route, Calculester will ask questions about how to create his child, such as should his child prioritize itself or society. The choices you make during the three events of the route determine what child he creates at the end, complete with a different background at the end depicting what kind of child he creates, such as a robot artist or a giant leg that would attach to Voltron. You’ll get new backgrounds every time you get a different child that you can see in the Gallery. The easiest way to make sure you get all the endings this route offers that I used is that I wrote down the three events and the choices offered and next to that I wrote eight rows of three numbers, such as 111, 112, 121, 211, etc. and write down what kind of child Calculester makes next to the corresponding order of choices, this way you don’t forget and end up geting the same child in a different run. Also, there’s no failing any of the events of this route, so you don’t need to worry about stats for this achievement. The ending I got when I first played this route was the robot hedonist. So cute how it went and did stuff even it didn’t understand all in the name of pleasure!

True Detective

To get this ending, you need to get the Doom Perignon from Juan, which triggers this route involving Jerry the Killer (Is he a revenant? I dunno, they never say). This route has three events involving you looking for clues as to who is the one that murdered Cool Josh (rest in peace, radical dude). Succeeding at these events gets you a clue, which is a background depicting an item that serves as a clue (Which is also unlocked to view in the Gallery). Each of the clues links one of the romantic interests as the possible murderer. I got this ending long before Beautiful Glitch implemented the achievements, so I think you only need to get three of the six possible clues (AKA finish the route) and get the ending with Jerry by asking none of the romantic interests at the end of the run. If that doesn’t work, then just go on another run to get the other three clues.

Turnip Boyfriend

Go after Aaravi in a run. I think this event is usually found at the Scout HQ but I could be wrong. Aaravi is trying to do sidequests, when the choices appear, they will be either offer to help the local mayor create a TikTok account or find 10 turnips to give to the local town guard. Respectively these choices are Charm/Fun. Choose the turnips option and make sure your Fun is higher than your Charm. Congratulations, you’ve found the hidden Turnip Boyfriend!

Why Not All?

This is unlocked through getting three different secret endings through randomly triggering this route while going after Aaravi in a run. To make this route easier to trigger, just play runs with four players going after Aaravi on your own. You’ll know you’ve triggered this route when the game brings you to the Lake saying you’re helping Aaravi test out Zora armor in the water and a zombie corpse washes up on the shore. This route has two events that you can’t fail at, only succeed. The choices offered in this route do determine what the third event will be. each choice in these two events is linked to either Aaravi (who wants to go adventuring in a dungeon) or Hex (who wants to try out a new bagel shop). The choices are: Aaravi: Yeet the corpse into the lake / Take the axe into the inventory, and Hex: Confirm the Zombie is an actor / Take the 200 napkins into the inventory. To get the Aaravi route, choose both yeeting and the axe in the first two events. To get the Hex route, choose both the actor and the 200 napkins. To get the Both route, choose either actor and axe or yeet and napkins. Remember, the first two events you can only succeed at, but the third event on any of the three routes you can actually fail at. Just make sure your stats are high enough to succeed at any of the routes at the third and final event of each route and you should be good.

Congratz on Being Impatient

This is a bit confusing at first, but is actually very easy to get. Simply go on Aaravi’s Flask Genie route. On the second event, an owl will appear and give a HUGE info/lore dump (seriously, if you happen to be playing with someone else and don’t want to waste their time, or don’t really care about the lore of this game, getting this achievement is actually a good thing). The game will give you the option to skip the owl’s dialogue, but remember that it will technically count as failing the event and dropping out of Aaravi’s Flask Genie route, and the owl, Aaravi, and her therapist Norah will be mad at you. But hey, at least you get an achievement out of being rude.

Upper East Camp

This is a very easy achievement to get. During the night rounds of your runs, just visit Moss Mann’s log and see all the gossip prompt events he offers at least once. Keep trying, you’ll get it eventually. You don’t really have to worry about succeeding or failing at the gossip, just see the prompts he offers. As for how gossiping works, this is a guide on achievements, not how to gossip. You’ll have to find a guide on how gossiping works elsewhere. Also, and this is going to show how ignorant I am, but…I don’t get the name of the achievement. Is it a reference or something? I’m just curious is all.


This one is like the Multiverse Parenthood achievement, but a little trickier. To get this, you’ll need to visit Moss Mann’s log at night. Like every time you visit him, he’ll give you a gossip prompt, but when the prompt gives you the option to type something in, regardless of what it tells you to enter, put in “Moss Mann” (capital Ms, and space between the names, or you won’t trigger the route). This will trigger the Moss Mann route, and it will focus on helping Moss create the Ultimate Gossip. Like Calculester’s Flask Genie route, the choices made will determine what ending you get at the end of the route, and remember to not ask any of the main romantic interests at the end of the runs. Use the strategy of writing down eight rows of three numbers (111,112, 121, 211, etc). This will be a lot more useful here because unlike Cal’s Flask route, instead of getting backgrounds to look at in the Gallery, It has different dialogue at Moss Mann’s ending (so don’t button mash at the end if you want to see the differences between each ending). Also unlike Cal’s Flask route, you can actually fail at these events, so pay attention to your stats. Hugs and Kisses! <3

Fate Defiant

This one’s a little hard to get. First, you’ll need to make sure your Smarts stats are very low, at least lower than Creativity. Next, make sure you’re going after either Joy or Milo in a run. During the run, you’ll need to keep going to the Scout HQ until you encounter an event with both Joy and Milo in a lecture from Coach about how to predict the weather (If you’re having a hard time encountering this event, just use multiple players on your own to make sure at least one character encounters this event). When the choices come up, choose the top choice with the name “Nostradamus” and remember your Smarts stat needs to be lower than your Creativity stat. The prophecy will say you suck and that you’ll not find love at the end and have a crappy summer. Prove this prophecy as false by having a good summer and getting a date for the meteor shower (either Joy or Milo, depending on who you are going after in the run that you trigger this event). If you manage to get the event and fail and still get a date at the end and don’t get this achievement, then try another run, but succeed every single event after getting the bad prophecy and get a date at the end.

Every Day is Dahlia Day

To get this achievement, go after Dahlia in a run. Keep going to the Arena until you encounter an event involving Dahlia confronting Mr. Pappas. Choose the top option “Fill the void that capitalism creates” (make sure your Smarts is higher than your Fun). You’ll end up taking various pictures of her for her “Dahlia a Day” calendar. Every day is Dahlia Day!

Terry Sends Love

To get this achievement, Go after Dahlia in a run, and keep going to the Arena until you encounter an event involving Dahlia alone with Batniss. Choose the bottom option to reveal yourself as a human playing a dating simulator (make sure your Fun stat is high), and Dahlia will reveal herself as a human named Terry playing a dating simulator. Yes Dahlia, you did just go into a violent blood bath and blacked out, reality isn’t a lie by cruel humans.

The Way of the Salad

Go after Dahlia in a run, you’ll randomly encounter an event involving Dahlia trying to gain the powers of nature. Choose the bottom choice “BECOME A SALAD!” ( make sure your Fun stat is higher than your Bold stat) and Dahlia’s training arc will be complete.


I recall seeing at least two instances of this happening. Make sure you at least go after Dahlia in a run. Either go to the Lake or the Arena. You’ll either find Dahlia at the Lake trying to become one with the water or you’ll find Dahlia trying to impress Joy while she faces off against Dmitri. Choose the option involving the Wonder Twins Power Rings for either event. Question: Would either DC Comics or Hanna-Barbera be involved in a lawsuit? Trick question, both would be involved…because Warner Brothers owns both.

Trials and Tribulations

Go after Calculester in runs. You’ll find him caring for his ant farms in a few events. One is where he is confronted by Dahlia and her “ants” and challenged by her. Choose the “Space Race” choice (Smarts required for succeeding this choice). For other event(s), the choice between introducing religion to the ants (low Charm) and sending them on a yearly retreat to Miami (low Fun). Fail at both of these choices. The choices I’ve mentioned involve backgrounds you can unlock in the gallery. Getting all the backgrounds gets you the achievement. Antonio really is the real hero of this game, huh? What a great ant.

The Good Timeline

Go after Joy in a run. Keep going to the Manor until you run into an event involving Joy dealing with the shenanigans of DA PRANK MASTERZ (Polly and Scott). [SPOILERS for anyone who didn’t play Monster Prom 1. If you want to know about the story Joy is talking about, play MP1 and finish the Eldritch Prank Tome from the Catgirl Shopkeeper for 7 Money]. All you really have to do is see the background images depicting the story to get this achievement.

Bad Boi

A randomly triggered event involving Joy stressing over Dmitri and Morty’s evil intentions, despite looking like total idiots and Joy looking like a total workaholic. Choose the “Hire an interpreter fluent in stupid” choice (Make sure your Smarts is lower than your Creativity). Scott becomes a “villain” afterwards.

Good Dude

Go after either Calculester or Joy in a run. Keep going to the Arena until you encounter an event involving both of them with Scott watching a VHS tape that induces Scott to transform into a werewolf. Choose the first choice and make sure your Smarts stat is low. You’ll make the werewolf calm down but instead of reverting to Scott, he’ll turn into Chaz. This will actually be permanent and everyone will refer to Scott as Chaz (which is just basically Scott with a different design) until you restart the game. Bummer, dude…or is it tubular, dude?


Go after Damien in a run. You’ll randomly encounter an event where Damien finds a vial containing a liquid screaming “DEATH TO THE LAVEYS!!!” and he’ll wonder what practical use it has. Choose the bottom choice of duck mating call (Boldness needs to be higher than Creativity). Hey Claudi Martinez, get dangerous with your next new song, eh?

A Damien of Many Faces

You’ll need to go after Damien in four separate runs for this one. You’ll randomly encounter Damien having his face confiscated by Miss Weaving, and you’ll need to succeed and fail at both choices of this event in different runs. The top choice, “Run an illegal gambling ring and win at poker with no-face”, correlates with Fun, while the bottom choice, “No more dentist!” correlates with Smarts. Each outcome has Damien with a very different face, which counts as special stuff to view in the gallery. What’s more, you’ll be able to encounter Tubular Eddy in at least one of the outcomes. You’ll also complete this event in the checklist, turning it from black to pink!

Cool kidz don’t gamble!

To get this achievement, you need to encounter Tubular Eddy in a run. You can find him in outcomes involving references to gambling such as Damien getting his face confiscated by Miss Weaving or Joy trying to de-wolf Scott. This achievement was brought to you by the Monsterican Anti-Gambling Association.

This Cat is THE CAT

Complete Milo’s Flask Genie route. Finally, some good Cat.

Going Fancy

Go after either Calculester, Dahlia, or Milo in a run and keep going to the Arena until you run into an event involving all three characters being confronted by Mr. Pappas. The two choices offered correlate to Boldness and Fun respectively, The Organ-Trafficking store and the Fancy Hat boutique. Choose the hat store and make sure your Fun is higher than your Boldness. You’ll see all six romantic interests wearing wacky hats for the rest of the run until you restart the game!

Salut i forca al canut!

Go after Joy in a run and get the Flask Genie from Juan. The witches from Joy’s coven will be visiting her in this route but Joy can’t relax for 10 gosh-dang minutes. The first event, which involves Faith, has Joy trying to get Faith to take training seriously by bringing Evil Faith to Camp Spooky. Make sure your Smarts is lower than your Fun and fail at the first choice. You’ll try to contact Evil Faith on her phone, but you’ll be calling a total stranger speaking Catalan instead. Fun fact: The name of the achievement translates to “Health and Strength in the Canute!”

Playing by Heart

You’ll need to get either the Ski Mask or the Dark ‘n Stormy drinks from Juan early in a run. Just do good from there on and get a good ending. Take notes of your stats if it’s so hard to keep track.

Pure Loyalty

Go to any location, literally any one location in a run, and keep going to just that location. Make sure to get Loyalty Lemonade from Juan and keep going to the same location every time it’s your turn. I don’t think it really matters how good you do in a run as long as you just keep going to the same location.

Ultimate Teamwork

Do a run with two to four players, and make sure at least one player gets the Community Punch from Juan. At the end, all players need to get a date for the meteor shower with any one of the six romantic interests. Everyone can be happy and find love in the end!


Get the Spook drink from Juan near the end of a run. get all your stats up to 100 points per stat, and get a good ending. You might want to do this with more than one player so that you can get the Community Punch to push your stats further if you can’t get them all to 100 before the end of a run. Victory tastes like coriander!

Updated Wardrobe

Get a costume pack and play a run with it on. The romantic interests will look stylish the entire time. The Victorian Era set changes how their names are addressed, like Prince Damien the First, Lord Hewlett-Packard, Madame Johnson-Johjima, and more! Unrelated note, anyone excited for Monster Retreat/Roadtrip?

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