Nobody – The Turnaround – Ways to Clear Debt Trap

Cleared Debt Trap

There are multiple ways to do it. I cleared Debt Trap on my second run, with 3k over the objective.

Here are some tips

  • When you do a job, use manual to get a big bonus. Once you have a particularly good day of work on manual and achieved, what you think, is the max bonus (or close to the max) then stop doing that job manually, and start doing that job using auto. Auto repeats the last bonus you made every time, leading to aditional revenue.
  • Focus on a few jobs instead of all of them, that you come back too. However, do take all jobs that have a bonus on them! Auntie’s jobs tend to have a bonus and are absolutely worth picking up just for the bonus.
  • Use the hiring app on your phone daily. First, to check if there are jobs with bonuses you can do or learn quickly, to make more money. Second, check the Hiring app at 21h. Night jobs appear then and you can work nights. You can sleep 2h during the day to recover from a nightshift. Absolutely essential.
  • Use the peddler stand to learn which goods sell best where. You will get a lot of additional revenue this way.
  • Play the ring toss game. If you learn it the right way, you can make an easy 10-15 profit every time you play it. Since each play is 10 minutes, that amounts to 60 – 90 per hour, which is even better than most early game jobs (yet tedious). I use it to work additional income when I can’t do other jobs.
  • Use free time to train your skills, at the park or at the Bookworm. Those skills should be upped until you can unlock jobs.
  • Don’t use bikes. They cost money and are slower than walking (for some ungodly reason). Run everywhere.
  • Always keep your morale in the high. That sometimes means doing morale activities before a work shift. It’s paramount to keep it high, otherwise your income gets cut very severely.

Those are some of the guidelines I followed to win. I didn’t get 5 stars, but I got 4, so that’s pretty good.

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