Moonshine Inc. – Guide to Understand Creating a Batch

The Batch Hub is your go-to place when it comes to making alcohol. Here you can both begin making a new batch and see the status of the ones already in progress – Batch List. This guide explains the steps of creating a New Batch.

How to Understand Creating a Batch

Choosing Ingredients

There are four types of ingredients – sugar/ fruit/ vegetable/grain-based. Each has its own flavor distribution (for example what percentage of it is sweet and what is sour). You mix up to three ingredients (from the same category) and achieve a certain Flavour Match. Some ingredients require additional equipment for them to become a part of the mash – Pre-fermentation equipment. This equipment has to be previously Crafted.

Did you know? The basics of moonshining:

  • Moonshines are sugar-based.
  • Brandies are fruit-based.
  • Vodkas are vegetable-based.
  • Whiskies are grain-based.

Choosing Fermentation Tank

Make sure to craft quality containers before you begin production. The better the apparatuses, the higher the quality of the final product. When adding multiple ingredients to the tank, you decide about their proportions, which affects the flavor matching and recipe of the alcohol you produce.

Choosing Yeast Type

Yeast is the key component of alcohol production. In our game yeasts are responsible for several parameters, such as the appearance of additional flavors and fermentation time. Yeast was grouped into four types, based on their flavor potency, i.e. their ability to increase or decrease flavors values in pre-production. Yeast categories are unlocked via the technology tree.

Yeasts have requirements that, when met by players, allow for a lower fermentation time and the potency/frequency of flavors appearing during fermentation.

These criteria include:

  • Optimal sugar concentration.
  • Optimal temperature.
  • Fermentation tank cleanliness.

In each category, yeasts are commonly defined by their ethanol output. It means that for each category, you’ll find yeasts with either a low ethanol output/low fermentation time, high ethanol output/high fermentation time, and balanced yeasts with in-between properties.

Did you know? The basics of moonshining:

Yeasts are either micro-organisms or chemical compounds that break down sugar molecules and turn them into ethanol and carbon dioxide during the fermentation process.

Choosing Distillation Equipment

There are multiple levels of distillation apparatuses, each with different costs, the quality they offer, and the speed of distillation. The quality of equipment affects the quality of the product. Before you can use the distillation equipment in the creation of a batch, it has to be previously Crafted.

Crafting and Maintenance – a side note on the Workshop:

Crafting apparatus is an essential component of your moonshinin’ business.

It is directly tied to your production capacity, as more fermentation and distillation tanks will allow you to work on multiple products at the same time, therefore increasing your ability to earn money.

Keep in mind that a workshop slot will be taken every time one of your employees is either cleaning, repairing, or crafting an apparatus. To allow several of your employees to work simultaneously in the shop, you can upgrade it.

Maintenance of your equipment and apparatuses is essential to create a good product, as having a beat-down and dirty production line will make it harder to aim for the best quality.

Throughout their life, your apparatuses will naturally sustain damages from constant exposition to heat, alcoholic products, and harsh environmental conditions.

Therefore, it’s essential to take some time every couple of batches to clean and repair your apparatuses. To do so, just head to your workshop, in the maintenance tab. Select the desired apparatus and options and voilà! The selected employee will take care of your apparatus and restore it to its former glory.

Again, keep in mind that a workshop slot will be taken every time one of your employees is either cleaning, repairing, or crafting an apparatus. To allow several of your employees to work simultaneously in the shop, you can upgrade it.

Choosing Post-Distillation

More advanced recipes will require an additional step in production which can be Aging or Filtration technologies. Like other elements of the recipe you’re trying to create, these technologies have to be chosen during the basic setup of the batch.

Follow the Flavor Chart

All the steps are reflected on the Flavor Chart. Make sure you watch it carefully and plan your batch accordingly.

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